Granite Bay, Folsom Lake State Recreation Area

May 2, 2010


By Paul Keeton, Meet Director 

The event started off early that Sunday with a big surprise. The gate to the North Granite Bay area was locked, due to the high water of the lake. That meant no one could drive to the Doton's Point area where we had planned to have starts, finishes and the White and Yellow courses. 

After several conversations with park personnel, it was determined that the gate would remain closed, necessitating the cancellation of the two beginner courses, White and Yellow (it was way too long a walk there for beginners). We apologize for those who were disappointed and hope you will try another of our meets (see the Schedule page).

Some people probably went home when told of that cancellation at the park gate. However, the majority of the participants who decided to come anyway therefore had to do the intermediate course, Orange. It was quite a challenging exposure to the sport of Orienteering for first-timers! 

I think that everybody had a good time, with no major difficulties. Things went smoothly, thanks to the help of all of the volunteers. Without them, these events would not take place. The Course Setter did a great job in setting good, challenging courses and in leaping to the challenge of reworking Orange, Green and Red on the spot to completely change the start and finish.. The weather cooperated, and everybody had a fun day. 



White:  Canceled

Yellow: Canceled




1.  Bridget, Roy Malone  GCO                                                 80:03

2.  Shelby, Daniel Loya                                                     110:56

3.  Jacob Dickinson, Danny Hewitt                                           122:16

4.  Daniel Albert, Jordan Depauli                                           124:52

5.  Tyler Long, Kory Chavez CSUS                                            125:18

6.  Steve Wilson                                                            130:32

7.  Vivian, Bob Terwilliger                                                 143:06

8.  Amy Van Voorst, Vince Jakobs, Mitch & Wayne Giles                       144:24

9.  Giner Robinson & Bill Phillips                                          150:43

10. Josh, Aidan, Nolan Barnhart                                             154:25

11. Kevin Walker BAOC                                                       170:18

12. Katherine Carpenter & Kevin Dahlenburg CSUS                             180:38

13. Daniella Culbert, Amitesh Diyal, Mandy & Lilly Kidwell CSUS             229:28

    Leo Merle, Brad & Bill Petchauer BS Troop 1855                           MSP#8

    Erin Magers & Craig Pierce GCO                                           MSP#6

    Kim Kemper, Jon Norris, Jordan B.                                        MSP#6

    Victor Covarrubias, Shadi Abu-harthieh, Alex Taylor, Raul Alvarez CSUS    DNF

    Collin Quesenberry & Ann Hornbeck                                         DNF

    Jake Brooks & Josh Hallberg CSUS                                          DNF

    Ben Bangayan, Anthony Andrews, Christopher Rankin                         DNF

    Nancy Downer                                                              DNF

    Emilia Grozav                                                             DNF

    Kaylee Chadwell, Mong Ve, Alex Gutierrez CSUS                             DNF

    Ryan & Annette Thomure BS Troop1855                                       DNF

    Jessica Windhaus CSUS                                                     DNF

    David Hart, Talon Glover, Caitlin Wilkerson, Alysha Shrum-Wells,

       Roger Holmes, Justin LeDoux                                            DNF

    Shura & Lena Krechetov  BAOC                                              DNF

    Carl & Samuel Romine                                                      DNF




1.  Deron van Hoff  BAOC                                                     47:45

2.  Shura Krechetov  BAOC                                                    64:56

3.  Dan Greene  BAOC                                                         68:40

4.  Greg Ehrensing BAOC                                                      81:18

5.  Marsha Jacobs  BAOC/GCO                                                  93:23

6.  Lauren Knight BAOC                                                      100:27

7.  Steven Duke                                                             111:13

8.  Paul Keeton  GCO                                                        152:34

    Tim & Jonas Libell  GCO                                                   DNF

    Nancy Lindeman  BAOC                                                      DNF




1.  Mikkel Conradi BAOC                                                      54:36

2.  Dan Rathbun GCO                                                          62:56

3.  Roy Malone  GCO                                                          65:54

4.  Peter Olsten  GCO                                                       120:54

    Rex Winterbottom  BAOC                                                  DNF#12

    Jonas Kjall BAOC                                                        DNF#12

    Jim Fish  BAOC/GCO                                                      DNF





Orange:   66

Green:    11

Red:       7


Total    82


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