Mississippi Bar

Dec. 14, 2008

By Jennifer Kerr

     What an amazing day! I never expected that so many people, particularly so many young people, would brave a cold and rainy day to come orienteering!

     Yes, there were 224 of you! And, yes, we did run out of white and yellow maps and we apologize for the waits and inconvenience this caused.

     I also hope everyone enjoyed all of Stew Hintz's interesting and challenging courses, made more so by the damp Mississippi Bar rocks! And, of course, I'm sure his one-of-a-kind seasonal manmade object (known affectionately as Randolph, since his better-known brother was busy Sunday) as the final control must have made all of you laugh or at least grin!

     It was wonderful to see all the JROTC kids and Scouts out showing that a few sprinkles won't keep them inside. And it was great to see a JROTC group coming all the way from Redding!

     The White course was won by Wayne, Christina and Kyle Woo in a sparkling 27:12. Tops on Yellow were Corbin Lucas and Phoenix Small of the Rio Linda High School JROTC group in a blistering 20:14. BAOC's Jim Fish was victorious on Orange in 85:34. The winner on the Advanced course (a longish Brown) was BAOC's speedy Ben Legg in 39:39.

     This meet would not have run so smoothly without the many volunteers, who had to sit and shiver when all around them were moving to stay warm. Of course, Stew set the great courses (and designed the manmade object--there may be a future career for him in the high-paying orienteering manmade object design field!) as well as doing everything from going after more white maps to picking up the bulk of the controls.

     At the hectic and essential task of registration, we had heroic Kelsey Salinas and Charleen Berschini of the Rio Linda JROTC group, as well as stalwart Jonas Libell. Marsha Jacobs gave seemingly endless beginner instruction to the many, many newcomers. Starts were ably handled by Jeff Thompson and Jim Fish. Dave Takacs did his usual yeoman job on finishes. Dwight Freund and Jeff also helped Stew and me with control pickup. Thanks so much, all of you!



Times are in Minutes; DNF means did not finish (missed one or more controls); OT means over three-hour time limit


White 3k, 21m climb, 10 controls

1. Wayne , Christina, Kyle Woo 27:12

2. Dorien Sarles, Kyle Wing   32:42

3. Thor, Brayden Iljana Boy Scout Troop 310 40:36

4. Dennis, Jake Leahy Cub Scout Pack 1855 41:40

5. Christine Ragsdale 42:50

6. Kevin Lao, Deshawn Lee, Elijah Hardy, Rayshawn Johnson, Shad McCarty, Tristan McCarty, Audrey Llamas, Frank Nguyen Florin JROTC 43:15

7. Mark, Joan Savarese 45:28

8. Norm, Michael Miller, Jacob Freas Boy Scout Troop 224 45:38

9. Mark Baden, William Quenga, Meng Herr, Fineasi Polaulo, Ryan Huston Florin NJROTC 46:32

10. Lance, Sara, Wyatt, Scarlett Buck 48:10

11. Samantha, Patricia Thomas 48:15

12. Steve, Kyle Brumberg Cub Scout Pack 310 49:17

13. John Davis, Raul Villafuerte, Annie Phan, Jimmy Vu Florin NJROTC 50:21

14. Curt Thue 51:41

15. Jakotay Miller, Austin , Tallimi Boy Scout Troop 311 52:35

16. Jacob, Russ Brown Boy Scout Troop 310 54:41

17. Daniel Rogers, Steven Lynch, Tim Ozeray Boy Scout Troop 311 54:59

18. Tyler, Davis Blakeney Boy Scout Troop 310 56:41

19. Steve, Austin Donaldson, Brian Nevis Boy Scout Troop 136 65:33

20. Sharon Cohen, Becky Goad, Renee Schaffer, Kathy Williamson 65:45

21. Julia Merris, Nicole Maddux Casa Roble HS 67:03

22. Nick Tascano, Treshawn Burnett Rio Linda JROTC 67:25

23. Scott Hardaway, Sean Moore, Zachary Johnston Boy Scout Troop 224 69:11

24. Don, Richard Koenig, Branden Dang Boy Scout Troop 224 70:49

25. Alexander Shim 74:18

26. Ken, Robert Hoffman, Griffin McLeod Boy Scout Troop 224 88:10

27. Kurt, Quinn Riedel, Russell, Ryan De la Rosa, Brennen Whipple, Cody Martin, Molly, Pierce Stegman, Daniel Fahringer Webelos Pack 49 91:31

28. Edgar Melchor, Donovan Oldlodge, Khalil Kirksey, Curtis Jones Boy Scout Troop 311 93:50

29. Austin McCoy, Matthew Rajamundi, Mr. Freas Boy Scout Troop 224 94:23

30. Davy Taylor, Saedi Shadi Casa Roble HS 116:52

    Ashley Rymel, Karen Higginson, Theo Church Rio Linda JROTC DNF

    Dave, Jarrett, Connor Scheuffele, Scott Cowan Boy Scout Troop 88 DNF

    Eric Rose, Samuel Rector, Patric Paine, Taylor Lao Florin NJROTC DNF

    Pam McCallister DNF

    Richard Wamsat DNF

    Peter, John Frechenburg DNF


Yellow 3.6k, 37.5m climb, 10 controls

1. Corbin Lucas, Phoenix Small Rio Linda JROTC 20:40

2. Danny Baltazar, Amber Morgan, Vanes Thao, Angel Vallejo Rio Linda JROTC 33:42

3. Steven, Lisa Duke 62:27

4. Chris Morales 82:06

5. Chris James, Brandy Gray, Alex Jenison Rio Linda JROTC 86:37

6. Nicolle, Don Goldman 91:27

7. Amy Van Voorst 92:04

8. Charles Mulch Enterprise NJROTC 92:53

9. Chuck, Marsha Snodgrass 123:51

10. Kim Freet, Lori Adamson 124:59

11. Cherish Gardiner, Lucky Lee, Billy Singrasabout Rio Linda JROTC 129:42

12. Justin Schjoth Enterprise NJROTC 163:54

13. Nathan Baker Enterprise NJROTC 164:19

14. Mark Lloret, Nicole Ladanja 169:10

15. Skyler Surrell Enterprise NJROTC 169:35

    Joshua Howe, Alex Sanchez, AK Morgan Rio Linda JROTC DNF

    Brandon Amiss, James Olying Genesis CACC 49th Battalion DNF

    Amanda, Barbara Johnson, Gabe Davi DNF

    Rayven Jenkins, Virgondy, Daronte, Thashike, Justine Kirksey Boy Scout Troop 311 DNF

    Elizabeth, Gianna Morabiti, Dylan, Kyle Dingman Boy Scout Troop 1855 DNF

    Glenn, Paige Hermanson DNF

    Stuart, Connor Stackhouse, Cameron Meilbeck DNF

    Lanisa Smith, Kristen Day, Sarah Shelton Rio Linda JROTC DNF

    Katlyn McMillon, Deonna Fogal, B. Morgan Rio Linda JROTC DNF

    Dwight Rowland, Stephanie Robertshaw, Michelle Rimpo, Summer Elliot Casa Roble HS DNF


Orange 4.1k, 85m climb, 9 controls

1. Jim Fish GCO/BAOC 85:34

2. Jeff Van Horne 96:00

3. Scott, Marcus Heisler National Ski Patrol 104:51

4. Jacob Sanchez, Anthony Gomez, Anita Souvannalath Rio Linda JROTC 111:41

5. Larry Thao, Jierrel McFall , Israel Guadarrama Rio Linda JROTC 113:41

6. Paul Keeton, Mike Flores, Blaine Snyder GCO 123:10

7. David Nicholson, Greg Bixby, Cherie D'Arcy Flores Amador Search and Rescue 126:11  

8. Marja-Lisa Magnuson, Shelly Sirkus 128:14

9. Tommy Petborisooth, Rafael Grajeda Rio Linda JROTC 171:11

10. Lindsey Peterson, Sean Hardwick, Jose Velez Rio Linda JROTC 175:20

    Brian Day, David Yang Burbank NJROTC 201:20 OT

    Kevin Willis, Jazzmyne Sutton, Steven Diaz Burbank NJROTC DNF

    Louis Fernandez, Jeff Olying, Genesis CACC 49th Battalion DNF

    Miguel Jimenez, Juan Gamez, Nancy Gonzalez Genesis CACC 49th Battalion DNF

    Jim Masters GCO DNF

    Anthony Verdugo, Josh Robertson, Kevin Xayaphet Rio Linda JROTC DNF

    Harold DeMoss BAOC DNF

    Gunnar, Ron, Dana Mattson Boy Scout Troop 1855 DNF

    Jacob Warren DNF


Second course:

    Rex Winterbottom BAOC 34:46

    Stephen Harrison BAOC 45:26


Advanced 3.7k, 125m climb, 10 controls

1. Ben Legg BAOC 39:39

2. Dan Stoll BAOC 41:25

3. Rex Winterbottom BAOC 48:11

4. Steve Gregg BAOC 49:14

5. Bob Cooley BAOC 62:47

6. Jonas Libell GCO 63:44

7. Roy Malone 64:48

8. Stephen Harrison BAOC 66:12

9. Penny DeMoss BAOC 66:28

10. Dwight Freund GCO/BAOC 91:22

11. Nigel Killeen ROC South Africa 123:04

    Rosemary Johnson BAOC DNF

    Kennith Schjoth, Matt Lipadan Enterprise NJROTC DNF

    Belinda Contreras, Dan Harris Genesis CACC 49th Battalion DNF

    Courtney Wise, Nancy Woodman, Rhonda Breschini Rio Linda JROTC DNF



White: 105

Yellow: 60

Orange : 40

Advanced: 19

Total: 224


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