Mississippi Bar

Oct. 23, 2010

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By Jennifer Kerr

We didn't quite have an even hundred people trying out the White beginners' course, just 99! What a magnificent turnout! And many of those were kids: JROTC, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. I love seeing boys and girls running around and having fun in the outdoors! And many first-timers came after seeing a very nice little piece in The Sacramento Bee two days before the meet. The total turnout was 150, quite impressive given the uncertain weather.


It was a damp and overcast day, with some on-and-off sprinkles, but everyone seemed to have a great time trying to find the best routes around always fascinating Mississippi Bar. We had a little setback at the beginning, when the gate to the parking lot was locked (state budget cuts??). Note to future MB users: The nice folks at Shadow Glen Family Stables have a key to that gate!


Dan Rathbun had an impressive debut as a GCO course-setter. His five courses, from the very easy White to the quite-challenging Red, were well received by participants and gave everyone a nice tour of the park.


The winners on White, in a dazzling 14:19 , were Joshua Howe, Charles Worth and Chris Seagers of Rio Linda High School 's JROTC. The next five finishers were also from that gung-ho group! On Yellow, Miles and Autumn Lulla (who call our course-setter Uncle Dan) were the fastest at 52:39. Bill Minarik of BAOC's famed Minarik dynasty took Orange in 78:22.


For the advanced courses, the dynasty struck again as George Minarik dominated Green in 87:54. GCO 's Jonas Libell was the victor on Red in 79:11.


I must, of course, heartily thank my volunteers, who braved the chilly and dripping weather to get all the participants through. In addition to Dan, many thanks go to Dave Takacs, Marsha Jacobs, Paul Keeton, Jim Fish, Ellie Lightfoot, Dwight Freund and Jonas Libell. And also some of the Rio Linda JROTC crew who put up and took down the registration pop-up and did some lugging for me!


I hope many of you who tried Orienteering will return for our future meets.



WHITE 1.9k 10 controls

1. Joshua Howe, Charles Worth, Chris Seagers Rio Linda JROTC 14:19

2. Shane Verdugo, Sabrina and Sarina Fogal     Rio Linda JROTC 26:33

3. Sarah Shelton, Luis Satelo, Salvado Sanchez, Katie Springer Rio Linda JROTC        30:04

4. Rhonda Breschini, Aaron Woolen, Donald Riddle     Rio Linda JROTC 30:11

5. Serena Beaudoin, Christina Wells, Jeremiah Chadwick, Selena Howard        Rio Linda JROTC 30:31

6. Steven Leavell, William Forsythe, Steven      Doyle   Rio Linda JROTC 30:34

7. Norbert Wagner GCO 31:16

8. William Perkins, Dustin Lopez, Antonio Guardado Rio Linda JROTC 33:48

9. John, Sheree Orsi 35:05

10. Jared Davis, John Hanley    38:35

11. Tim Green, R. Smith, H.Rubio Rio Linda JROTC 39:46

12. Leslie Baldwin , Victoria Jones  40:07

13. Joseph, Andrew Pacheco   GCO     40:10

14. Andrew Bain, Steve Townley CSUS 40:20

15. Richard Oden 42:15

16. Alexandra Watkins, Paula   Bowdin 42:40

17. Jacey Riddle, Silvia Sanchez, Micayla Morrison      Rio Linda JROTC 43:14

18. Lindsay, Marissa Smith, Lisa Donahue CSUS 43:26

19. Alexandria Jenison , Denis Tumanov, William Hopcraft         Rio Linda JROTC 43:40

20. Dave Staton CSUS 44:26

21. Michael Grover, Kristin Day, Gavin Haymone, Sal Martinez Rio Linda JROTC 49:23

22. Gale, Cameron Davis 50:04

23. Carlos Miranda 54:23

24. Allison Jepsen, Zac Marty, Rob Marty, Heather Gordon     GS Troop 21 57:35

25. Chanté, Karen Boxley Cottman, Mikhayla Green, Samantha, Yolanda         Marty   GS Troop 21 60:09

26. Tracy, Seana Furze, Bruce, Alexis Maeda, Karen Jones, Selena Gonsaul, Skye McMerny GS        61:54

27. Traci, McKenzie Gaynor, Chair, Brionna McCorkle, Somi Dewey, Bailey Wilson GS 61:56

28. Jami, Kyle  Martin 62:24

29. Mac Carpenter  64:26

30. Daniel, Joshua Roberts BS Troop 386  67:36

31. Kay Wilson  76:22

32. Dean, Tyler Mar, Casey Dunkley, Sam Robb BS Troop 136 82:15

33. A.J. Michehl, Joseph Lawrence BS Troop 107 93:01

      Sally Towle  DNF

      Pete McDonough   DNF

      Henry Ossentjuk, Branden Peterson, Faisal Manzoor, Paul Bean, Osonio Rio Linda JROTC DNF

      Don Anderson  DNF


YELLOW 2.3k 10 controls

1. Myles, Autumn Lulla  52:39

2. Jason Pappas 61:56

3. Danny, Deanna Lulla 63:33

4. Tiffani Rathbun  73:19

5. Craig DeVita 112:41

      Mason Young, Patrick Griggs, Ryan Morris BS Troop 111 DNF

Second Courses:

     Gale, Cameron Davis  77:46

     Joseph, Andrew Pacheco    GCO     80:01

     Steven Leavell, Charles Worth, Steven Doyle, Shane Verduga Rio Linda JROTC DNF

     William Forsythe, Jacey Riddle, Dustin Lopez, Jeremiah       Chadwick Rio Linda JROTC DNF


ORANGE 4.2k 10 controls

1. Bill Minarik  BAOC  78:22

2. Nigel Killeen ROC South Africa        80:54

3. Harold DeMoss  BAOC       100:16

4, Charlie  Kharsa BAOC        107:16

5. Rosemary Johnson    BAOC 126:27

6. Jason Morris, Peter  Griggs  BS Troop 111  127:17

7. Teresa Geimer, Rob Perret               127:29

8. Mark, Joan Savarese GCO   135:52

9. Alan Walls    GCO     139:29

10. Paul Keeton GCO   143:50

11. Jason Chung, Simon Lee     CSUS  160:45

      Shelly Sirkus  DNF

      Kyle Walling, Matthew Simicsak     BS Troop 111 DNF

      Emmon Tobias, Conner Carlson , Jordan      Colby   BS Troop 136  DNF

Second Course:

      Jared Davis, John Hawley               112:29

      Timothy Green, H. Rubio    Rio Linda JROTC        DNF

      Serena Beaudoin, Salvado Sanchez, Luis Satelo, Antonio Guardado Rio Linda JROTC DNF

      Joshua Howe, Willie Perkins Rio Linda JROTC      DNF

      Norbert Wagner GCO       DNF


GREEN 5.1k 14 controls

1. George Minarik  BAOC       87:54

2. Steven Duke  121:57

3. Jim Fish  GCO /BAOC  159:11

4. Jordan Rossow  BS Troop 111 167:29

5. Brian Michaels, Andy Miller  174:41

      Tyler Jasper, Zach Havens  BS Troop 111 DNF

      Mike Goodyear BS Troop 111 DNF

      Jacob Sanchez, Mike Kinney, LaNisa Smith, Mariah Anderson       Rio Linda JROTC DNF


RED 6.5k 18 controls

1. Jonas Libell  GCO     79:11

2. Mark Geldmeier       St. Louis OC    80:41

3. Michael Chastaine    Dirty Avocados            99:29

4. Penny DeMoss         BAOC 111:22

5. Kyle Peter    BAOC 116:01

6. Carol Lyda   BAOC 168:59

      Roy Malone  GCO   DNF



White: 99

Yellow: 10

Orange : 21

Green: 13

Red: 7 

Total: 150                              

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