River Bend Park

April 26, 2009

By Dave Takacs, Event Director

Sunday was a beautiful day for 'O' in Sacramento .  Cool morning temperatures allowed full-tilt running for those who 'O' hard and fast.  Without the heat, several did a second course.            

Speaking of courses, Jeff Thompson did a terrific job at his first try at Course Setter.  Of course, there were a few difficulties. Getting used to two-foot contours threw a lot of competitors off their marks.  And the Sacramento County map Jeff used seemed to have a little trouble with thick vegetation.   

Lots of smiles, but only a few competitors. Not sure why that was. Got any ideas, throw me an e-mail. 

Besides Jeff, who also stepped in at starts and finishes, those stalwarts of Gold Country Orienteers were out in force for this event: Stew Hintz, Ron Gross, Dwight Freund (vetted the course and did starts), Jennifer Kerr (everything), Ellie Lightfoot (everything), Jessica Lightfoot (first time at Finishes), and I had my first major session at Registration (so that's how you learn who all these people are). Elliot Rogers and Erick Holmes of CAP Squadron 14 helped load up the equipment after they returned from attempting their first Orange course. Controls were picked up by Ron, Jessica, Ellie, Jennifer and BAOC's Jim Fish.

I'm giving a special Thank You to all the gang from BAOC who also stepped up and gave a hand, especially Kevin Walker, who showed up an hour early and was a great help setting up, and to Bob Cooley for getting the maps out under a deadline.  The tie-in to the Ben Legg's Red Bluff Training Event seemed to work out for those lucky enough to participate (hmmm, maybe I can make it next time).  All the workers got to run a course, and I had the luxury of letting people go early with all the help. 


I hope the challenge wasn't too much for those who tried a harder course; remember, don't give up because you had one bad meet.  We all learn from those challenges and thanks to the competitors who stayed a bit longer to share their knowledge. 

NEXT: Sunday, May 31 (no, not Memorial Day weekend, it is celebrated the weekend before), so no excuse not to join us there.  Well, except for Church, or Schoolwork or Housework or Yardwork or Friends or Family (bring them along).

Remember, each job at the meet helps to teach you something more about Orienteering, so Volunteer often!

If you have any thoughts, on River Bend or any of our meets, please e-mail me. We try to make it fun. Hope you can join us. Bring a friend or three. 

Thanks again to all the wonderful Volunteers! 



White 1.8 k 8 controls

1. Robert, Kendall, Lindsay, Davis Porter; Sydney Nickel; Jack, Natalie, Steve Mueller  23:39

2.  Jessica Lightfoot  GCO  28:07

3. Elliot Rogers, Erick Holmes  CAP Squadron 14  28:20

4. Jim, Cindy, Nick, Madeline Blue  Boy Scout Troop 1855  30:49

5. Melanie, Justin, Tyler Jacobs; Tyler, Keith Stock  Boy Scout Troop 134  35:00

6. Chris, Thomas Moore  Boy Scout Troop 224  33:02

7. Iris Page, Forrest Page Abbott  39:10

8. William Prakash, Steven Lensing  Boy Scout Troop 134  42:00

9. Marissa Mackey, Kristen Hesser  45:18

10. Tejas, Balati Pradeep  Boy Scout Troop 134  45:20

11. Stan Seko 53:15

12. Michael Kay, Ryan Parker, Susan Atkins, Lisa Graber  Boy Scout Troop 12  62:15

13. Sean, Carrie Moore  Boy Scout Troop 224  68:00

14. Lisa, Emily, Molly Okumura  75:24

15. Dakota Mitchell, Nancy Mandelberg  136:15

      Daniel Jackson, Brandon Adlao  CAP  MP (#5)


Yellow 2.9k 10 controls

1. Joe Berendt, Sandy Flint  52:04

2. Tyler Moore  CSUS  61:02

3. Ryan, Delaynii Howard  CSUS 62:48

4. Nicolle, Don Goldman  Sierra Race Walkers  69:27

5. Brayden, Thor Iljana  Boy Scout Troop 310  82:43

6. Vanessa, Valerie, Mason Andrews  84:41

7. Mark, Joan Savarese  GCO  97:10

8. Yoko Omuro, Doris Lee  103:40

9. Lauren Wemmer; Alison, Kiki Weber  GCO  105:50

    Sean, Dylan, Kyle Dingman; Brandy, Brianna Bassmam  Boy Scout Troop 1855  DNF


Second Course:

    Steve Gregg  BAOC  21:11

    Jim Fish  BAOC  63:05

    Kendall, Lindsay, Davis Porter; Sydney Nickel; Jack, Natalie, Steve Mueller  63:22

    Jim, Cindy, Nick, Madeline Blue  67:04

    Iris Page, Forrest Page Abbott  80:50

    Melanie, Justin, Tyler Jacobs; Tyler, Keith Stock  132:39


Orange 4.4k 13 controls

1. Mikkel Conradi  BAOC  28:52

2. Steve Gregg  BAOC  35:08

3. Ben Legg  BAOC  35:17

4. Nik Weber  GCO  37:40

5. Gary Kraght  BAOC  44:27

6. Ron Gross  GCO BAOC  64:24

7. Jennifer Kerr  GCO  69:33

8. Steven, Lisa, Emilie Duke 79:37

9. Jim Fish  BAOC  81:17

10. Ellie Lightfoot  GCO 97:30

11. Judy Koehler  BAOC  100:03

12. Regina Shaw  GCO  115:34

13. Kevin Walker  BAOC  119:46

14. Paul Keeton  GCO  128:10

15. Jonas, Tim Libell  GCO  131:58

16. Jeff, Ryan Berg  Boy Scout Troop 22  158:00


Second Course:

    Elliot Rogers, Erick Holmes  DNF



White: 44

Yellow: 24

Orange : 20

Total: 88


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