Rossmoor Bar Event Saved!

Non-"O" participants step up!

Volunteers take over Registration so that experienced workers can do Instruction/Starts/Finishes.

Special thanks to:

Kelsey Salinas, Charleen Berschini,

with additional help from BAOC's Judy Koehler.


By Dave Takacs

Meet Director, Rossmoor Bar

Huge turnout all ready to go at 10.  Several Scout troops, JROTC, including a bunch down from Redding , several out-of- towners, many from BAOC.

Unfortunately some of the new folks slipped past before we could get them instruction, my apologies. 

Short on volunteers, but I'd already told several groups and individuals the meet was a "GO".  So figuring some of us could double up on jobs, we went ahead.  Ten minutes late getting starts going didn't help.  Luckily Dwight was able to help with Starts, after setting the courses all morning.  Jeff Thompson appeared just in time to get Finishes covered, and was joined by Stew shortly after.  The previously mentioned volunteers saw the massive pileup at registration, stepped in, learned fast and allowed Jennifer to show the beginners how it's done.  Then Starts were backed up.  Began with four-minute separation on the courses, but had to abandon that after a short time.

Many folks "shadowing" the kids/Scouts, glad they were there.

Unfortunately, this all resulted in many who wanted to do a second course not being able to do so. Once again, my apologies.

So I think I used up one of my nine lives Sunday.

Not all our meets are this crazy; we were just a couple of bodies short.  Next time I'll ask BAOC to send up a few warm bodies.

Many new to Orienteering, I wish I could have chatted with you all.  Our winner on White was new to "O"; must be a story there.

So volunteers make up all the Orienteering meets you go to.  Please consider giving up an hour or two so our volunteers can run a course.  Most of this stuff is EASY to do, and we are thrilled to show you how.

Thanks to

Dwight Freund/great courses/starts/pickup

Jennifer Kerr/setup/registration/beginner clinics/pickup

Jeff Thompson/setup/starts/finishes/pickup

Stew Hintz/finishes/scoring/pickup

Peter Olsten/pickup

Kelsey Salinas/registration

Charleen Berschini/registration

Judy Koehler/registration

Thank you all for your patience.

NEXT Sacramento area O-Meet,

Mississippi Bar on Sunday, Dec. 14


Place   Name(s)(Italics indicate Adult “Shadowing” youth)   School/Group/Club   Min:sec

White 2.4k

1. Amy Van Voorst  36:00

2. Brayden Iljana/Thor Iljana Scout Troop 310 JROTC 37:00

3. Brandon Iglesias, Elijah Hardy, Yushawn Lee, William Quenga, Miguel Areus, Elena Alvarez  Florin HS, Sacramento JROTC    38:45

4. Josh Kuykendall/Michael Kuykendall  Scout Troop 380    46:40

5. Michael Church  Enterprise HS, Redding JROTC 48:38

6. Audrey Llamas, McFrank Nguyen, Meng Herr, Wa Mova, Jimmy Vu  Florin HS, Sacramento JROTC   53:50

7. Andrew Shade/Dave Shade  Scout Troop 310 54:50

8. Ben Gorsen, Nathan Blue Scout Troop 121 55:05

9. Eric Aflague, John Davis, Jose Soosis, Ryan Anston   Florin HS, Sacramento JROTC   55:58

10. Luke Snedecor, Grant Kaneda, Brandon Blue  Scout Troop 121 57:25

11. Evan Bryers, Charles Estes  Scout Troop 121 61:00

12. Steve Guess Scout Troop 121   61:05

13. Simon Smit, Johnny Escobar Scout Troop 310  64:05

14. Justin Schroth Enterprise HS, Redding JROTC 65:15

15. Israel Guondarrana, Jacey Riddle, Sarah Shelton, Brandy Gray   Rio Linda HS JROTC 65:50

16. Jessica Bauman, Rikki Windemuller, Seandalynne Hardwick Rio Linda HS JROTC     66:50

17. Jake, Becky, & Ben Klusnick/Joe & Melora Klusnick Scout Troop 1 68:05

18. Jeff & Ian Hess Scout Troop 136   68:30

19. Sarah Crow Enterprise HS, Redding JROTC 69:15

19. Jacob, Kevin, & Angela Warren, Art & Fred Starkovich Scout Troop 310     69:15

21. Mason Moore/Spencer Boyer, Jim Moore Scout Troop 310/Webelos Cobra Patrol    72:10

22. Lindsey Peterson, Jose Velez, Theo Church Rio Linda HS JROTC   73:17

23. Danny Baltazar, Vanessa Thao, Serena Beaudoin  Rio Linda HS JROTC     75:50

23. Nick Stoneman, Dane Mortenson Scout Troop 121    75:50

24. Austin Cowles, Justin Smith Scout Troop 121 76:05

25. Skyler Surrell Enterprise HS, Redding JROTC 77:00

26. Bob & Alex Wiese Scout Troop 121  79:35

27. Mason Hall, Levi Miller/Josh Hall, Marisa Skapoitl, & Libby Miller Scout Troop 63 80:40

28. Michael Binon, Michael Perkins, & Kyle McFarland Scout Troop 121     80:55

29. Kara Thomas, Krisstin Day, & Deanna Fogal Rio Linda HS JROTC   82:38

30. Aaron Wiese, Trevor Greenside Scout Troop 121    89:00

31. Billy & Jack Singrasabout, & Luchy Lee Rio Linda HS JROTC 97:45

32. Brandon Dowd/Mike Dowd Scout Troop 310 101:25

33. Vivek Ajjampur, Daniel White Scout Troop 121 Team Blue    102:25

34. Michael Oldenberg, Wyatt Salinas Scout Troop 121 Team Red 107:05

35. Marilyn Shelten, Kaitlynn McMillon, Henry Ossentiuk Rio Linda HS JROTC     117:25

36. Jakotay Miller, Khalil Kirksey, Rayven Jenkins/Justine Kirksey Scout Troop 311  126:35

DNF Derek Berexa, Justin Kraft Scout Troop 121 Team Gold


Yellow 2.9k

1. Lou Adamson, Kim Freet    26:15

2. Alex Hernandez, Derek Maxey, Dillan Maxey Rio Linda HS JROTC    47:12

3. Nicolle & Don Goldman     78:25

4. Mike & Becky Hoppe, Robert, Nick & Ellen     82:25

5. Don Rickgauer, Marsha Jacobs GCO   83:25

6. Lauren Wemmer, Kiki & Alison Weber GCO  97:55

7. Larisa Smith, Mareus Craighton, Edin Ramaro Rio Linda HS JROTC  113:35

8. Barbara & Joy Belcher, Brandon Young GCO 113:40

9. Kim Engstrom, Linda Shiess     113:55

10. Daniel Tweatt, Joey Klusnick, Donald Krestoff, Gabriel Neal/Jess Avila, Kathy Tweatt Scout Troop 1123:20

11. Roxana Mathew 124:55

12. Ariahna Morgan, Charon Ogburn, William Hollcroft Rio Linda HS JROTC     134:40

13. Amber, Alexandria, & Alise Morgan Rio Linda HS JROTC  138:40

14. Chuck Snodgass 140:45

15. Orlando Cano, Alex Joslyn, Will Roberts, Kevin Lillich/Scott Joslyn Scout Troop 1 Pack 447  149:30

16. Dimitri Joslyn, Kenny Kirene, Adrian Avila, Terreh, Darik, & Mike Vilhauer, Jarett Kirene/Gerry McIntyre

Scout Troop 1 156:15

DNF Rhonda Breschini, Nancy Woodman, Anita Souvannalath Rio Linda HS JROTC

DNF Vinnie Bollo Casa Robles HS, Orangevale

2nd Course

Amy Van Voorst 53:55

Josh Kuykendall/Michael Kuykendall Scout Troop 380 63:05


Orange 3.8k

1. Jeff Thompson GCO    62:05

2. Jeff Van Ausdall, and group of 6 Enterprise HS, Redding JROTC   68:25

3. Robert Chang, Alan Yang (Burbank #2) Luther Burbank HS, Sacramento JROTC     73:40

4. Long Vang, Max Xiong (Burbank #1) Luther Burbank HS, Sacramento JROTC     77:40

5. Barry & Gay Mackintosh GCO     86:55

6. Jacob Sanchez, Anthony Verdugo, Anthony Gomez Rio Linda HS JROTC 89:41

7. Su Khang, David Pha/Mark Robins (Burbank #3) Luther Burbank HS, Sacramento JROTC   96:00

8. Judy Koehler BAOC    106:30

9. Kennith Schjoth II Enterprise HS, Redding JROTC   117:30

10. Shelley Sirkus, Marja Magnussen   136:15

11.Matt & Duane Lipaden Enterprise HS, Redding JROTC 141:00

12. Paul Keeton GCO 190:30

DNF Curtis Phelps, Ehapol Petborisooth, Rafael Grajeda Rio Linda HS JROTC

DNF Ben Snedecor, Jared Mayer Scout Troop 121

DNF Amanda Johnson, Michael Ostrowski Casa Robles HS, Orangevale


Brown 3.5k

1. Jennifer Kerr GCO    67:10

2. Glenn Hermann   73:35

3. Nubthar Nad, Amy Lee      79:30

4. Jim Fish BAOC   80:08

5. Jonas & Tim Libel GCO     105:45

6. Charlie Khanse, Nanette Thomas BAOC 148:15

DNF Jierrel Micfall  Rio Linda HS JROTC

DNF Chris James, Charish Gardener, Jay Hardwick Rio Linda HS JROTC


Red 6.7k

1. Jonas Kjall BAOC 42:30

2. Ben Legg BAOC   48:04

3. Rex Winterbottom BAOC     61:24

4. Steve Gregg BAOC 67:13

5. Nik Webber GCO  68:05

6. Peter Olsten GCO 90:00










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