Sacramento Bar, Fair Oaks

May 23, 2010


By Marsha Jacobs, Event Director


More than 100 adventurous people turned out on Sunday, May 23, for a great day of orienteering at Sacramento Bar in Fair Oaks.  This was GCO's last event this Spring, and we are hoping to see many of you return later in the year for our Autumn events.


Jonas Libell set five difficult but fun courses (White, Yellow, Orange, Brown and Red).  We were extremely lucky to have perfect orienteering weather: a combination of sun and some cloud cover, with the temperature in the upper 60s.  The meet was perfectly timed, as there was rain in the days leading up to and following the event.


There were only a few entries on the White (beginner) course.  It seemed the more adventurous people came out this time to try their luck on Yellow through Red.  The courses proved to be rather tough for some, but we hope you enjoyed your adventure.


The El Dorado Hills Triathlon Club brought 14 participants!  Hope to see you at more of our events this year!


People came from far and wide; lots of locals, many from the Bay Area, some from Truckee/Reno, and even Glen Schorr (the national organization's executive director) came all the way from Baltimore, Maryland!


Many thanks to all those who helped at Sacramento Bar this time.  Thanks to Bob Cooley for printing the maps and to Jennifer Kerr for the publicity.  Special thanks to Jonas Libell, who spent lots of time in advance, designing and setting courses, hanging controls and placing water on the courses.  On meet day, he also set out more controls and water very early, and then assisted with setup and starts, and then picked up controls!  Also showing up early and helping to set up and then working all day were Dave Takacs, Stew Hintz, Jeff Lanam and Colin Quesenberry.  Judy Koehler and Ellie Lightfoot gave Beginner Clinics to several newcomers; Stew Hintz and Ellie Lightfoot joined me to work at Registration; Kathy Tegtmeier, Mike Christensen, Colin Quesenberry, Stew Hintz, Jeff Lanam, and Jonas Libell ran the Starts; Dave Takacs managed Finishes and Results with his team of Deborah Wolley and Jeff Thompson.  Jonas Libell, Greg Ehrensing, Mark Blair, Brian Michaels, Andy Miller, Pete Olsten and Dwight Freund all went back out to pick up controls; and everyone assisted on the cleanup crew.  What a great crew!!!  Thanks to all, and my apologies if I have forgotten anyone!


To all participants: please volunteer to assist at one or more of our 2010 meets.  It's fun, you'll learn a lot more about orienteering, and it's what enables us to provide more meets for all.







1.  Ryan & Annette Thomure (BS 1855)                                         36:29

2.  Kiki & Alison & Nick Weber                                               43:14

3.  Mason Powers, Ian Gilzean (BS 152/193)                                  49: 54

4.  Robin Cross, Fran White                                                  64:13

5.  Annette & Danielle Alexander                                             75:41

6.  April Hall, Rosie Royles                                                 98:18

7.  Nicole & Malia & Jack Laparja, Kiley & Brianne & Cian Riley,

       Mark Lloret                                                          120:01




1.  Alex van Hoff                                                             65:26

2.  Donna & Ron Thompson (EDH Tri)                                           81:26

3.  Glen & Paige Hermanson, Ashley Frei                                      93:58

4.  Glen Schorr                                                              116:18

5.  Joe & Jean van Hoff                                                     120:26

6.  Olga Seredenko                                                           142:04

    Ellen Hoffman, Anji & Jordan & Bryce Manning                    #10      DNF

    Carl & Samuel Romine                                             #10      DNF

    Kristen DeJager, Kimberly Char (EDH Tri)                         #8      DNF

    Christina & Caden Woo                                           #2,7      DNF

    Kay Wilson                                                   #6-8,10      DNF

    Anne Bucon, Kari Duane (EDH Tri)                                          DNF




1.  Robert Lapanja (EDH Tri)                                                 58:34

2.  Jason Lorenz                                                              63:04

3.  Mila Olson  (EDH Tri)                                                    73:08

4.  Erin Magers, Craig Pierce                                                81:39

5.  Brian Michaels, Andy Miller                                              83:14

6.  Erin & Ben Tomlinson                                                    102:15

7.  Julie Minton                                                            105:34

8.  Mats & Emma Jansson                                                     108:08

9.  Kathy Tegtmeier, Mike Christensen                                      111:20

10. Regina Shaw                                                             141:24

11. Judy Koehler                                                            154:04

12. Kevin Walker                                                            166: 15

    John Ryan (EDH Tri)                                              #9      DNF

    Mark & Joan Savarese                                              #7      DNF

    Chris Maberto, Greg Reffner (EDH Tri)                            #5      DNF

    Dan DeJager                                                       #2      DNF

    Joan Roos                                                      #9,10      DNF

    Stephen Hapwell, Shekoufeh Qawami (EDH Tri)                  #6,7,9      DNF

    Lynn & Arlen Seal                                                         DNF




1.  George Minarik                                                           75:59

2.  Jeff Thompson                                                            89:17

3.  Greg Ehrensing                                                            91:29

4.  Dwight Freund                                                           101:38

5.  Johanna Merriss                                                         104:48

6.  Jeff Lanam                                                               138:09

7.  Trinka Gillis                                                    142:22           

8.  Max Wiegant                                                              153:37

9.  Steve Duke                                                               176:32

    Paul Keeton                                                        (OT) 203:55

    Rosemary Johnson                                              #10-12      DNF

    Nancy Lindeman                                                             DNF

    Julie Hyde, Steve Strickland                                              DNF

    Bjorn Widerstrom                                             (lost card)  DNF




1.  Greg Walker                                                               66:11

2.  Roy Malone                                                               73:45

3.  Francois Leonard                                                          73:46

4.  Donatas Ereminas                                                         83:31

5.  Deron van Hoff                                                            95:47

6.  Gary Kraght                                                             102:39

7.  Mark Blair                                                              132:50

8.  Peter Olsten                                                             164:10

9.  Chuck Carlson                                                            200:42

    Steve Gregg                                                      #14      DNF

    Wayne Woo                                                     #15-17      DNF

    Joel Olson (EDH Tri)                                                      DNF




Also:  Debbie Fields, Dave Johnson, 4 friends; not sure which courses you tried, as you did not punch your cards.





White    20

Yellow   23

Orange   28

Brown    15

Red      12

Other    12


Total   110


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