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Besides this website, we have several other ways of communicating information about our meets.

GCO has a Facebook Page

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GCO E-mail List

GCO has an electronic mailing list (a YahooGroup). It is used by club leaders to communicate with members, seek help, plan future events and discuss the sport of orienteering. You don't have to be a club member to subscribe; once you join, you can send e-mail to the group, as well as receive all the messages sent by other members.

The group also has a web page at groups.yahoo.com/group/goldcountryorienteers that contains searchable message archives, a subscriber list, subscription management services, polls, chat, and file storage (for photos, maps, etc.). Access to the Web services requires a Yahoo ID (you don't need a Yahoo ID just to send and receive e-mail).

If you already have a Yahoo ID, then you may wish to associate your subscribed e-mail address with your ID; go to Account Info at groups.yahoo.com and follow the instructions. If you want an ID, then go to groups.yahoo.com and make a Yahoo ID. Then there are a few steps to associate your new ID with your subscription to the GCO group; follow the instructions at groups.yahoo.com, or contact the group moderator if you need help.

Monthly Announcements E-mail

Once a month, we send a separate message from a different e-mail address indicating the upcoming event dates for the calendar year. If you are not a member of the GCO YahooGroup, you may still elect to receive only these monthly announcements. To do so, send a message to the group moderator requesting to be added to only the announcements list.