Orienteering on mountain bike

Mountain Bike-O

What is MTB-O?
MTB-O stands for Mountain Bike Orienteering and is one of the fastest growing sports around the world. It is similar to foot orienteering, but the object is to navigate a course that is displayed on a detailed map, without any navigational aid aside from a compass and bike odometer. GPS gear is not allowed. The person finishing the course in the shortest time is pronounced winner. The course is marked in the terrain with orange-and-white "controls". Proof of control visit is done by punching a control card with punches hanging from the controls. Some big events may feature "e-punch," an electronic punching system.
How is MTB-O different from regular Orienteering?
You are allowed to use a bike to travel. The courses will reflect the limitations of having a bike with you at all times, so controls will be on or near trails. Because you are able to travel faster, courses tend to be longer.
How is MTB-O different from regular MTB racing?
For starters, there is no marked course in the terrain. It is up to you to navigate to each checkpoint (control), using your map, skill...and wit! Also, not everyone ends up taking the same route. People may make different route choices, and as some people make mistakes at trail junctions, for example, some riders may ride a lot longer to finish the course. So you get to exercise your body...AND...your brain.