California State University, Sacramento

May 22, 2011

By Marsha Jacobs
Event Director and Course Setter

What a change from last year's meet at the Sac State campus! Instead of being blown away by the wind or pounded by the rain, we had perfect weather! This was the first time in the most recent three years that we offered more than one course at this location (White, Yellow, Score-O) and it turned out to be great fun for those energetic people who decided to try more than one course.

We had a super effort from all the helpers on meet day: Jennifer Kerr, Jonas and Tim Libell, Paul Keeton, Dave Takacs, Judy Koehler, Dwight Freund and Dan Rathbun. Thanks! What would we do without our volunteers?

Special thanks to Dwight Freund for the updates to the map in an attempt to keep up with recently completed campus construction projects, to Jennifer Kerr for stepping up during the final week prior to the meet to provide the final signature for the permit and to Bob Cooley for speedy printing of the maps.

Newcomer Rod Sorenson blasted his way through the White course in the fastest time and also had the overall highest score on the Score-O as his second course! Way to go, Rod! Also new to a GCO event were Bob Bruns and Sue Lorimer (Team BS, as they prefer to be called), who took first-place honors on the Yellow course. Orienteering veteran Steve Gregg racked up the highest score on the Score-O course among those who ran the Score-O as their first course of the day.

We had many new participants; everyone enjoyed the day immensely and we are sure to see a number of repeat competitors at future GCO meets.

If you enjoyed this or any other event from GCO, please consider volunteering to assist at one or more of our meets. It's fun, you'll learn a lot more about orienteering, and it's what enables us to provide more meets for all.

A few notes regarding the Questions and Answers... most of these were granted credit for a valid answer:
Control 1 - While I thought the spaces in the sculpture looked like Mickey Mouse heads, to a few competitors they appeared as Donald Duck feet. Credit granted for either.
Control 4 - Both Water and Steam were considered correct.
Control 2 - Quite a number of competitors couldn't find the "SERCO" box. It was on the wall of the building, on the level above the loading dock. You were probably looking for it on the lower level of the driveway!
Control 5 - Oops! My mistake here (I didn't read my own notes correctly). None of the answers was correct! The correct answer should have been AIRC. Credit was given for any answer circled and also those who wrote the correct answer on their scoresheet.
Control 15 - For those of you who couldn't find this, you had to be on the path below the overpass, where a Square D was on a box next to the path just south of the tunnel.
Control 18 - Either 5 or 10 green pots was considered correct.
Control 28 - You had to go to the door and knock on it to see it was plastic, although it looked like tin!

WHITE (2.6km, 14 controls)

 1 Rod Sorenson     28:36
 2 Chance Taber-Thompson, Cody Schwartz, Nick Diaz-Kokiol Troop 454   39:16
 3 Muffet Wilkerson, Miranda Talcagi, Mia Simon, Tino Abate, Jessenia El Massoni Camellia Waldorf School 44:02
 4 Broderick, Brandon, Alice Spruill Troop 1855  44:08
 5 Dylan Ridolfi, Tucker Zuranski Troop 454 45:17
 6 Anish Nag, Gavin Malone Troop 454   53:23
 7 Ken and Daria Roe, Mike Folly 56:00
 8 Christian, Gary, Yolanda, Ryan Goff and Caden Oresky Troop 1855 56:03
 9 Gary and Scott Bolin, Dan and Alex Leahy Troop 1855  61:48
10 Tim and Jonas Libell 62:11
11 Robin and Lydia Rogerson 93:27
  One incorrect answer:
12 Carmen Gunn, Grece Fillebrown , Jordan Davis, Johann Diaz, Avery Matthews Camellia Waldorf School     (11) 70:17
13 Joshua and Hayden Bernard (5) 73:17
14 Chris Tharratt, Keagan Schwartz Troop 454  (4) 96:41

(3.5km, 19 controls)

 1 Bob Bruns and Sue Lorimer Team BS 55:01
 2 Stephen, Melanie, Lucas, James Le Clerz 89:11
 3 Regina Shaw and Tammy Perez 91:03
  One incorrect answer:
 4 Nicole Young, Cameron and Annika Cole (2)  55:02
 5 Michele, Dan, Matthew, Ben Conway (9) 63:29
 6 Alan, Lucas, Alyson, Jinko Walls   (19) 86:56
 7 Robert Valenton, Joy, Lon, Trevor  (13) 131:53
  Two incorrect answers:
 8 Jen, Mark, Jordan, Natalia Allen  (9,15) 46:34
Jennifer Kerr    49:46
  One incorrect answer:
Paul Keeton (13)  51:48
  Two incorrect answers:
Steve Gregg (2,15)  26:55
Norbert Wagner, Carol Lyda                       (7,13) 44:15
  Three incorrect answers:
Chris Tharratt, Keagan Schwartz - Troop 454   (2,7,18) 135:50

60-Minute Score-O
  Time Correct Answers -Wrong Answers -Time Penalty Total
1 Steve Gregg 36:22 31 -1 -0 30
2 Steven Harrison 45:54 31 -1 -0 30
3 David Harrison 55:48 30 -1 -0 29
4 Dwight Freund 48:33 27 -0 -0 27
5 Roy Malone                                34:01 29 -3 -0 26
6 Jennifer Kerr 51:42 27 -1 -0 26
7 Norbert Wagner 55:04 25 -1 -0 24
8 Paul Keeton                            62:25 29 -2 -3 24
9 Nancy Flagg and Lucy Bunch 59:37 23 -0 -0 23
10 Tiffani Sharp-Rathbun 60:53 21 -0 -1 20
11 Judy Koehler                        59:56 20 -3 -0 17
12 Carol Lyda 60:08 16 -5 -1 10
Second Course
Rod Sorenson 53:00 32 -0 -0 32
Anish Nag, Gavin Malone Troop 454 59:03 25 -1 -0 24
Chance Taber-Thompson, Tucker Zuranski, Cody Schwartz Troop 454 54:07 24 -1 -0 23
Dylan Ridolfi, Nick Diaz-Kokiol   Troop 454 55:06 22 -0 -0 22

White: 41
Yellow: 34
Score-O: 21
Total: 81

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