Old Town Folsom Town Scramble

Dec. 15, 2019

By Dwight Freund
Course Setter

Well, we finally had some nice clear weather for this event. There were 35 teams entered, and over 90 individual participants. The top three teams all made a hard run at trying to get to all the control points, requiring them to cover a rather large area on both sides of the river, downtown Folsom, as well as some in the residential areas. Most other teams seemed to be content to have a pleasant stroll in the cheery afternoon, and were bunched in scores between 140 and 160. Ties were broken in the rankings by finish time.

Scoring was complicated by one broken control: between the setting and the running, the Corporation decided to carve up the road NW of the Zoo and park some large construction equipment there. This control was discounted, but apologies to those who spent time trying to figure it out (or get through the mud to the designated gate). We were also rather generous on scoring wrong answers: in past years there had been some teams that tried to guess their way through the course, and so heavy penalties for wrong answers were threatened. This year saw essentially no recurrence of the problem, so most wrong answers were chalked up to carelessness or being in the wrong place at the right time, and were not penalized.

A brief club meeting, open to all, was held after the event. The purpose was to entreat all participants to seriously consider volunteering to help with some of the many tasks, from course setting to desk sitting, if they desire to see the continued presence of this enjoyable activity in the Sacramento area. Without more folks stepping up, the frequency of events, especially in the woods, is likely to continue to decline in the years ahead, if not disappear altogether.

Thanks to all who helped to run this event so smoothly: Jennifer Kerr, Randy Robinson, Marsha Jacobs.

You can find the results here.

Total Participants: 90

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