Old Town Folsom Town Scramble

Dec. 18, 2022

After a little over a years break, we were finally ready to hold another map-event: The annual pre-X-mas Folsom O-scramble along the south shore of Lake Natoma, downtown Folsom, as well as some in the residential areas. Course setter (and mapper) was Dwight Freund as is the tradition. Many of those who came where quite excited over the opportunity to finally do a map even again, and so were we!

We had 32 participants self-selected into 18 teams which is quite good considering the limited marketing and that it was the same morning as the most exciting soccer World Cup Finals in many years (Go Messi!).

Most teams focused on enjoying the morning outside in a pretty location, but several teams set out to get all the 19 control points within the 75 minute limit and three succeeded! The winner only needed 60 minutes and it was: Team Lomeli & Rokers. Congratulations!

Scoring method:
1 point for each right answer
-3 points for each wrong answer
-1 point for each minute above 75 min (but no-one was late)
Ties on score broken by fastest finishing time (lots of ties)

A club meeting, open to all, was held after the event at the Fat Rabbit Pub to talk about how re-start the club and what direction we want it to go in. A lot of good ideas came up on what events to offer, how often and how to make the volunteer experiences better so we have the manpower to put on more events. This was a good discussion and in January/February we’ll meet to see who wants to do what in the club and plan next year’s events.

Complete results list is a pdf-file here.


Total Participants: 32

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