Folsom Lake
Early Morning on the Folsom Lake Beach

Granite Bay

Dec. 14, 2014

By Paul Keeton
Event Director

It was a great turnout on a cool and crisp Autumn day with no rain! Everyone came up to beautiful Granite Bay on the shores of Folsom Lake.

It was a brand new map, made by Bill and Heidi Cusworth, who also set the courses. They did an excellent job! Everybody seemed to have a good time, which was due in large part by our corps of wonderful volunteers. We had a total of 137 orienteers, with many coming from Sacramento State, Scout Troops 136 and 1855, the Turlock JROTC, many from our sister club BAOC, and even orienteers from Chicago and New England!

The big news came from the very long (7.5km, 21 controls) Red course, where our own Mats Jansson finished first with an incredible time of 63:55! To put that into perspective, his time was faster than the winning times on both Brown and Orange courses, which were much shorter! Second place belonged to Misha Kreslavsky, of BAOC, with a time of 70:44.

Chuck Spalding of BAOC was first on the Brown course in a time of 67:13. Second place went to another BAOC member, Evan Custer, with a time of 74:37. First on the Orange course was Allen Brown of the New England Orienteering Club, in a time of 72:44. William Murphy, another BAOC member, was second with a time of 95:12.

GCO's Alan Walls claimed first place on the Yellow course, in a time of 36:56, followed by the team of Nicole Sholly and Kurt Kaunzinger in 41:59. The White course was won by Greg Mandler with a time of 19:31. BAOC's team of Dana and Zoe Shibley came in second in 23:41.

Congratulations to everybody who participated in this fun and exciting sport. Please check our website in the future for details of our 2015 season, with events in the Spring and the Fall. We would love to see all of you again! Thank you.

Read about the creation of the new map and its creators here.

WHITE (2.3 km, 10 controls)

1. Greg Mandler, 19:31
2. Dana Shibley, Zoe Shibley, BAOC, 23:41
3. Mark Nordheim, Craig Becker, Joshua Becker, Jonathan Sing, Andrew Stokhaug, Ryan Goff, Phoenix Blue, Scout Troop 1855, 33:14
4. Titus Libell, Tim Libell, Jonas Libell, GCO, 52:25
5. Victor Munoz, Andrew Munoz, Blake Mangels, William Granger, Daniel Granger, Carlton Liden, Phoenix Red, Scout Troop 1855, 62:25
6. Diana Gudeman, Luella Borns, 79:42
Second Course
   Harold DeMoss, BAOC, 30:57

YELLOW (3.3 km, 11 controls)

1. Alan Walls, GCO, 36:56
2. Nicole Sholly, Kurt Kaunzinger, 41:59
3. Harold DeMoss, BAOC, 52:48
4. Julian Madison, Octavia Burnett, CSUS, 56:13
5. Sharon Rich, Joseph Sison, Tom Moore, Angus Moore, Reed Moore, Jacob Wingert, Jessica Wingert, Scout Troop 136, 56:40
6. Jordan McDougal, Nick Marker, Lauren Aindgen, Brandon Holley, Trevor O., 61:27
7. Bryan Dwyer, Kyle Briney, Amanda Dwyer, 62:07
8. Jared Stephens, Justin Peterson, CSUS, 65:59
9. Kristi Cargill, GCO, 69:34
10. Carmen Gunn, Johan Gunn, Robert Gunn, 71:44
11. Kristopher Moyer, GCO, 73:39
12. Tom Jones, Brandon Huckcba, Juan Segura, William Caldeson-Lopez, Christopher Lad, GCO, 73:44
13. Chuck Unsworth, Steen Unsworth, Torunn Unsworth, Tanner Unsworth, GCO, 75:46
14. Cheyenne Amaro, Eric Doyle, Tracey Saechao, Isaac Ramos, CSUS, 79:18
15. Maddy Lehman, Partner, CSUS, 84:43
16. Ivan Lamas, Sean Maslarinas, 86:43
17. Art Livingston, 89:55
18. Blanca Estevez, 91:54
19. Mark Spiller, Annemarie Spiller, Winston Spiller, 117:32
20. James Robb, Sam Robb, Ryan Robb, Nick Hebeger, Owen Nawrath, Steve Nawrath, Scout Troop 136, 119:47
   Annika Jansson, Emma Jansson, GCO, DNF (Control #11)
   David Robinson, Jenny Robinson, Freya Robinson, Siri Robinson, Torsten Robinson, DNF
Second Course
   Greg Mandler, 50:27

ORANGE (4.5 km, 12 controls)

1. Allen Brown, NEOC, 72:44
2. William Murphy, BAOC, 95:12
3. Erin Magers, Jamie M, GCO, 95:33
4. Carolos Montanez, Cody Jacobson, Tyler Armendoriz, Isobel McPherson, Felicitu Sprug, Turlock JROTC, 104:57
5. Kevin Walker, BAOC, 111:17
6. Kathy Tegtmeier, Mike Christensen, John Warlaumont, GCO, 115:46
7. Gordan Egan, Carly Prahl, 126:41
8. Richard Koltun, Heidi Sohrabi, Danineh Sohrabi, Ron Koltun, Monica Anderson, Jasmine Price, CSUS, 141:46
Second Course
   Nicole Sholly, Kurt Kaunzinger, 75:53

BROWN (4.0 km, 13 controls)

1. Chuck Spalding, BAOC, 67:13
2. Evan Custer, BAOC, 74:37
3. Kyle Poland, GCO, 81:15
4. Johanna Merriss, BAOC, 87:11
5. Dwight Freund, GCO, 88:19
6. Leslie Minarik, BAOC, 89:52
7. Marsha Jacobs, GCO, 98:39
8. George Minarik, BAOC, 106:17
9. Jennifer Kerr, GCO, 128:59
10. Steven Duke, GCO, 147:32
   Norbert Wagner, GCO, DNF

RED (7.5 km, 21 controls)

1. Mats Jansson, GCO, 63:55
2. Misha Kreslavsky, BAOC, 70:44
3. Tommy Ingulfsen, BAOC, 75:46
4. Nik Weber, GCO, 79:07
5. Roy Malone, GCO, 83:46
6. Steve Gregg, BAOC, 86:59
7. Graham Brew, BAOC, 89:56
8. Penny DeMoss, BAOC, 92:54
9. Vladimir Gusiatnikov, Beatrice Schreibstein, OCIN, 96:52
10. Nadja Rutz, BAOC & OLGPFAFFIKON, 98:54
11. Stephen Harrison, BAOC, 103:36
12. Greg Ehrensing, BAOC, 105:08
13. Ann Marie Cody, BAOC, 112:24
14. Viktor Nikolenco, CAOC, 118:16
15. Ralph Lindzon, TOC, 128:44
16. Ryan Zahner, GCO, 143:27
17. Christine Brew, BAOC, 147:04
18. Michael Chastaine, 158:12
19. Jeff Sterett, Matt Sterett, GCO, 220:55
   Paul Keeton, GCO, DNF
Second Course
   Carmen Gunn, DNF

White: 20
Yellow: 63
Orange: 21
Brown: 11
Red: 22
Total: 137

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