Mississippi Bar

April 10, 2016

By Mats Jansson, MTB-O Course Setter
and Bryce Jensen and Doug Lyle, Acting Event Directors (from CSUS)

Well, folks, for the third time in a row, weather played a role in keeping people inside, but we were thrilled to still see over 100 people come out to enjoy Mississippi Bar in all its spring glory. Among them were 14 people who brought their bikes for our first Mountain Bike Orienteering (MTB-O) courses of the season (the next opportunity being at Granite Bay in October). We had people make the trek from the Bay Area as well as Truckee, and it made for some good, fun competition.

For those who came, it ended up being a great day for active pursuits, with mild temperatures and no rain. The trails were a bit muddy from the previous day's rain, adding that "mud factor" especially to the MTB-O racers. The rock piles provided ample challenge on the Orange, Brown and Red courses, no surprise there.

As always, we had several volunteers helping out, and without their help, these events simply aren't possible. So huge thanks go to Dan Rathbun (Foot-O course setter), Norbert Wagner (starts and results), Dave Takacs (finish), Alan Walls (starts and control pickup), Erin Magers (registration), Paul Keeton (permit, registration and control pickup), Jonas Libell (setup and tear down), Benny Her (setup), Diane Fambrini (registration), Jennifer Kerr (event web promotion), Ryan Zahner (setup), and Mats Jansson (MTB-O course setter, starts, registration and control pickup).

We had a different team helping us out this time: Doug and Bryce are students at CSUS taking a class in event management. As part of that class, they have to manage a real sporting event, and they reached out to GCO to see if they could do it as part of our 2016 orienteering season. As a result, they acted as event directors for the Mississippi Bar event, with me (Mats) providing mentoring support. We much appreciated their help!

As a special perk as part of the Sac State project that this event was part of, we did a silent raffle among the participants in the event. Here are the winners; prizes will be mailed to each of you:

  • David Martinenko
  • Stephen Harman
  • Chris Berggren
  • Jeff Thompson
  • Nancy Park
  • Duane Ggdena, Luella Boins

Names were drawn at random from each separate set of course results with the exception of the MTB-O. All MTB-O names were combined, due the low number of riders on the medium course. Any duplicate names as a result of multiple courses were thrown out, giving everyone the same chance of winning the raffle. In the case of multiple people registered together as a team, one name was entered into raffle. This raffle is a special, one-time event, and not to be expected at future GCO events.

Now for the results summary:

In the foot races, avid runner Greg Mandler crushed the White course with a very fast time, Harold DeMoss from BAOC took the top spot on the Yellow course and adventure racer Mike Chastaine posted the fastest time on the Orange course, and that was after doing the long MTB-O course! Steve Simpson claimed the win on the Brown course, and Mats Jansson wrapped up the foot courses with a win on the Red course. On the MTB-O side, Alan Walls posted the fastest time on the Medium course, and Donatas Ereminas did both loops on the Long course incredibly fast: 13.2 km in 58 minutes! Below are the detailed results.

WHITE (2.2k, 9 controls)

1. Greg Mandler, 27:45
2. Junko Walls, Alyson Walls, GCO, 56:20
3. Troop 2210, Angie Pechar, Ashlynn Pechar, Emerson Pechar, Emily Wright, Allison Wright, 57:38
4. Daniel Roberts, Sebastian Facter, David Mahckey, 59:45
5. Robert Pierce, Troy Pierce, Mike Pierce, Bob Ruffner, 61:45
6. Pak Wu, Joanna Varga, Elodie Wu, Juliette Wu, 88:28
7. Jasmine Hearn, Kaley Punsalan, 105:40
8. Johnny Chao, 106:17
9. Duane Gudena, Luella Boins, 109:36
Second Course:
   Kim Schaefer, Noah Schaefer, 52:05

YELLOW (2.5k, 10 controls)

1. Harold DeMoss, BAOC, 48:20
2. Anthony Mistry, Cora Mistry, 64:20
3. Nancy Park, 73:09
4. Lauren Wemmer, Alison Weber, GCO, 73:22
5. Kim Schaefer, Noah Schaefer, 91:02
6. Jonas Libell, Titus Libell, Timothy Libell, GCO, 103:40
7. Rich Vega, Dana Vega, 113:37
   Diane Fambrini, DNF
   Beth Erickson, DNF
Second Course:
   Greg Mandler, 47:44

ORANGE (3.7k, 13 controls)

1. Olga Kraght, BAOC, 57:05
2. Jill Ann Browning, Courtney Green, 60:15
3. Briana Sanchez, 70:28
4. Darian Montalvo, 72:39
5. Tom Pappas, Tommy Pappas, 81:11
6. Jon Traum, Ian Chang, Chris Nunes, Austin Melerski, Paul Keefer, 81:36
7. Michael Johnson-Theiss, 89:09
8. Jeff Thompson, 92:37
9. Kristen Weber, GCO, 109:34
10. Will White, Samantha White, Natalie Detwiler, Megan Detwiler, 129:59
11. Kevin Walker, BAOC, 137:33
12. Bob Bruns, GCO, 143:38
   Christopher Paluch, DNF
   Kenneth Bogle, DNF
Second Course:
   Michael Chastaine, 44:16
   Robert Pierce, Troy Pierce, Mike Pierce, Bob Ruffner, 101:31

BROWN (4.0k, 15 controls)

1. Steve Simpson, 55:16
2. Chris Berggren, 67:39
3. Steven Duke, GCO, 69:06
4. Frank Slattery, GCO, 78:52
5. Daniel Ingram, 86:19
6. Erin Magers, GCO, 100:10
7. Kyle Ketten, 106:53
8. Marc Pulido, Bob Sigfried, Roger Tomczak, Rick Gara, 112:51
9. Jennifer Kerr, GCO, 120:23
10. Claire Legendre-Scholl, Dan Scholl, Philip Scholl, 130:39
11. The Magpies, Heidi Crosby, Randall Christopherson, 145:28
   Danny Lulla, Autumn Lulla, DNF
   Nancy Lindeman, BAOC, DNF
   Gordon Egan, Carly Pralic, DNF

RED (5.0k, 19 controls)

1. Mats Jansson, GCO, 51:28
2. Roy Malone, GCO, 65:13
3. Stephen Harman, 66:17
4. Nik Weber, GCO, 67:52
5. Tommy Ingulfsen, 75:10
6. Penny DeMoss, BAOC, 78:04
7. Ann Marie Cody, BAOC, 79:25
8. Greg Ehrensing, BAOC, 83:04
9. Marie-Josée Parayre, BAOC, 83:20
10. Ryan Zahner, GCO, 90:04
11. Jeff Stevett, 142:08
12. Paul Keeton, GCO, 175:41

MTB-O Medium (8.1k, 13 controls)

1. Alan Walls, GCO, 56:02
2. Glenn Hermanson, 61:46
3. Terry Peros, Michael Peros, Sue Ingalls, 150:39
   David Martinenko DNF

MTB-O Long (13.2k, 24 controls)

1. Donatas Ereminas, 58:05
2. Greg Walker, TOC, 60:39
3. Anna Voegele, TOC, 63:57
4. Ryan Zahner, GCO, 68:07
5. Michael Chastaine, 73:44
6. Roy Malone, 83:20
7. Carol Walker, TOC, 93:55
8. Norbert Wagner, GCO 107:18

White: 26
Yellow: 16
Orange: 28
Brown: 22
Red: 12
MTB-O Medium: 6
MTB-O Long: 8
Total: 118 (not counting second courses)

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