Mississippi Bar

Oct. 21, 2017

By Mats Jansson, Event Director and Course Setter

It turned out to be an almost perfect fall day for orienteering out at Mississippi Bar last weekend. Seventy-three navigation sports enthusiasts came out to sample one of the five courses offered. The rain that swept through on Thursday softened the ground and grass enough to make it that much more enjoyable.

Carson High School drove across the summit to join us, and the NJROTC students/cadets showed impressive performances, taking first place on all courses where they participated (Yellow, Orange and Brown); Commander Daniel Ingram is surely doing something right with that team!

A huge THANK YOU to all the volunteers (in no particular order):

  • Jennifer Kerr: Setup and Beginner clinics
  • Frank Slattery: Setup
  • Teresa Jansson: Registration
  • Kathy Tegtmeier: Starts
  • Mike Christenses: Finishes and Control Pickup
  • Ryan Zahner: Finishes
  • Dwight Freund: Control Pickup
  • Ken Hodge: Control Pickup and Breakdown
  • Jonas Libell: Breakdown

As a side note, we apologize for the lack of restrooms close to the event center. In years past, the state park has kept a port-a-potty in the parking lot; for some reason it was no longer there (there was one in the horse parking area). Hopefully, the park folks will bring back the bathroom service for the lot where most non-horse people park for next time we visit the park.

We hope to see you at Granite Bay on Sunday, Nov. 19! Until then…

WHITE (2.2k, 10 controls)

1. Joyce Burrill, 51:53:00
2. Eileen Panguito, 68:33:00
3. Carolyn Mack and one other, 86:13:00

YELLOW (2.9k, 13 controls)

1. Kyle Holloway, BAOC, Carson HS NJROTC, 53:01:00
2. Trinity Harvey, BAOC, Carson HS NJROTC, 71:30:00
3. Bryar Fanchar, BAOC, Carson HS NJROTC, 79:05:00
4. Chris Bush, BAOC, Carson HS NJROTC, 82:40:00
5. Ken Roe, GCO, 82:45:00
6. Julia Grimm, CSUS, 83:36:00
7. Alex Cesena, Megan Davidson, CSUS, 85:41:00
8. Manuel Hoyos, BAOC, Carson HS NJROTC, 86:20:00
9. Anika Soulier, BAOC, Carson HS NJROTC, 90:45:00
10. Amalia Patrinellis, Sherina Summers, CSUS, 93:55:00
11. Brandon Hayworth, Moises Franco, Joey Arce, CSUS 95:10:00
12. Eduardo Payuyao, Laura Quijiviy, Sheena Yang, Ja Thor, CSUS, 95:30:00
13. Gordon Coelho, Victor Diaz, CSUS, 96:55:00
14. Anthony Meyer, BAOC, Carson HS NJROTC, 98:23:00
15. Chris Espinoza, Chris Goode, CSUS, 99:45:00
   James Hansen, CSUS, DNF
   Joe Van Sickle, J Van Sickle, DNF
   Antonio Muniz, Audrey Muniz, Holden Muniz, Emilio Muniz, DNF
Second Course:
   Joyce Burrill, DNF

ORANGE (4.1k, 14 controls)

1. Michael Johnson, BAOC, Carson HS NJROTC, 69:13:00
2. Kyle Navarro, BAOC, Carson HS NJROTC, 71:17:00
3. Erin Magers, Greg Vlasek, GCO, 120:20:00
4. Jennifer Kerr, Marsha Jacobs, GCO, 123:20:00
5. Regina Shaw, Stan Zakerski, 126:30:00
6. Claire Legendre-Scholl, 128:15:00
7. Bailey Jacobs, BAOC, Carson HS NJROTC, 136:40:00
8. Kathy Tegtmeier, Michael Christensen, GCO, 137:55:00
9. Trevor Lofthouse, Mariko Soto, 151:35:00
10. Darian Montalb, BAOC, Carson HS NJROTC, 155:30:00
11. Ken Hodge, 164:25:00
12. Reed Yandell, Christian Rocha, Anthony Juarez, 182:40:00
   Nancy Lindeman, BAOC, DNF

BROWN (3.1k, 13 controls)

1. Kyle Ketten, BAOC, Carson HS NJROTC, 58:45:00
2. Ryan Zahner, GCO, 64:45:00
3. Chris Berggren, BAOC, Carson HS NJROTC, 68:30:00
4. Bob Cooley, BAOC, 76:22:00
5. Brian Sanchez, BAOC, Carson HS NJROTC, 95:10:00
6. Chris Paluch, BAOC, Carson HS NJROTC, 95:20:00
7. Jarrod Meyer, BAOC, Carson HS NJROTC, 97:30:00
   Jared Deselms, BAOC, Carson HS NJROTC, DNF
   Daniel Ingram, BAOC, Carson HS NJROTC, DNF
   Team BS Speed Unit, Robert Bruns, Susan Lorimer, DNF

RED (5.2k, 18 controls)

1. Jonas Libell, GCO, 74:40:00
2. François Léonard, BAOC, 88:44:00
3. Penny DeMoss, BAOC, 114:56:00
4. Marie-Josée Parayre, BAOC, 116:15:00
5. Frank Slattery, GCO, 165:26:00
6. Jeff Sterett, GCO, 200:40:00
   Rich Gares, DNF

White: 4
Yellow: 31 plus one second course
Orange: 20
Brown: 12
Red: 7
Total: 74 plus one second course

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