Mississippi Bar

Nov. 11, 2018

By Marsha Jacobs, Event Director

Weren't we lucky? The smoke from the devastating Camp Fire in Butte County threatened to cancel our event, but the skies were mostly clear when we arrived in the morning.

Jonas performed his much-appreciated magic in offering five creative courses that everyone seemed to enjoy. We love hosting the hordes of JROTC runners and they showed up from Carson City and Stockton again in strong numbers, as did local Sac State University students.

First on the White course was Greg Mandler at 21:29. Then Greg did his often-repeated performance by speedily running Yellow, then Orange, and then Brown courses, where he finally ran out of time when hitting the 1 p.m. closing time! David Stryker and teammate Ralph Colinga were first on the Yellow course with a time of 54:12. David and wife Carol are our newest GCO members, back to orienteering after a long break.

The Carson City JROTC runners dominated the Orange course, with Hayden Hold leading the pack at 50:44, and GCO member Gavin Malone in second. Martin and Elizabeth Jakobsson, from Ireland, gave everyone a lesson in fast orienteering, as Martin blew through the Brown course in 39:17, while Chris Paluch of the Carson City JROTC bested Elizabeth by only 6 seconds with his time of 46:18. GCO's Roy Malone was fastest on the difficult Red course at 86:51. Good job everyone!

I’d like to thank our many volunteers who made this event possible:

Course setting: Jonas Libell

  • Permits/Insurance: Kathy Tegtmeier and the California Department of Parks and Recreation

Map printing: Bob Cooley

Porta-potty placement: Mike Christensen

  • Equipment Delivery, Setup/Teardown: Jonas Libell, Randy Robinson, Mike Christensen

  • Registration: Kathy Tegtmeier, Mike Christensen

  • Clinic: Jennifer Kerr

Starts: Ryan Zahner, Jonas Libell

  • Finishes: Dwight Freund, Jonas Libell

Control pickup: Jonas Libell, Ryan Zahner, Steve Duke, David & Carol Stryker

If I have left anyone out, please accept my apologies.

WHITE (2.1k, 8 controls)

1. Greg Mandler, 21:29
2. Mike Christensen, Kathy Tegtmeier, GCO, 35:25
3. Beatrice Schreibsten, Vladimir Gusiatnikov, OCIN, 58:34
4. Gage & Kathy & Douglas Swank, 81:57

YELLOW (2.6k, 8 controls)

1. David Stryker, Ralph Colinga, GCO, 54:12
2. Natalie Rodriguez, Kaylyn Denison, 60:06
3. Chyane Fabing, Kathryn Ebner, CSUS, 60:48
4. Ashley Hort, Cartny Bingham, CSUS, 72:11
5. Kava Payne, Yeimy Prieto, CSUS, 73:37
6. Taryn Ronowden, Kara Ashmore, 74:04
7. Alex Cooper, Stephanie Chico, Kevin Bishop, CSUS, 89:44
8. Brandon Steig, Gino Comporato, CSUS, 95:45
9. Sofia Gulnova, Mikus Losbergs, CSUS, 98:36
   Carolyn Mack + 1, DNF
   Joshua Meyer, Berkeley High, DNF
   Claire Legendre-Sholl, Philip Sholl, GCO, DNF
Second Course:
   Greg Mandler, 41:55

ORANGE (4.5k, 11 controls)

1. Hayden Hold, BAOC, Carson NJROTC, 50:44
2. Gavin Malone, GCO, 58:27
3. Anthony Meyer, BAOC, Carson NJROTC, 60:52
4. Briana Sanchez, BAOC, Carson NJROTC, 62:40
5. Manuel Hoyos Velazquez, BAOC, Carson NJROTC, 77:42
6. Anika Soulier, BAOC, Carson NJROTC, 81:01
7. Zac Waikshoris, BAOC, Carson NJROTC, 86:20
8. Alex Perez Sanchez, BAOC, Carson NJROTC, 102:58
9. Darian Montalvo, BAOC, Carson NJROTC, 129:58
10. Jordan Evangelista, Nathan Bus, Dominic Sanders, Paige Felkins, Nicholas Swartz, LHS4 NJROTC, 141:50
11. Christopher Barrientos, Amenden, BAOC, Carson NJROTC, 158:43
12. Randy Robinson, GCO, 181:02
13. Carol Stryker, GCO, 188:49
   Garrett Mussbaumer, BAOC, Carson NJROTC, MSP (#7)
   Brune, BAOC, Carson NJROTC, DNF
   Kenneth Bogle, BAOC, Carson NJROTC, DNF
   Dominic Carmona, Mehgan O’Boyle, Ty Ny, Joshlyn Sanders, Savanah Sanchez, LHS5 NJROTC, DNF
   Leslie Robles, Jessie Cunanig, Amanda Cabanig, Tony Cabanig, Alex Goodwin, LHS6 NJROTC, DNF
   Tina Traxler, John Lucero, DNF
Third Course:
   Greg Mandler, 63:41

BROWN (4.2k, 14 controls)

1. Martin Jakobsson, BOC (Ireland), 39:17
2. Chris Paluch, BAOC, Carson NJROTC, 46:18
3. Elizabeth Jakobsson, BOC (Ireland), 46:24
4. Riley Dunn, BAOC, Carson NJROTC, 52:44
5. Kyle Navarro, BAOC, Carson NJROTC, 55:44
6. Ryan Zahner, GCO, 60:42
7. Jarrod Meyer, BAOC, Carson NJROTC, 63:12
8. Jared DeSelms, BAOC, Carson NJROTC, 67:03
9. Daniel Ingram, BAOC, Carson NJROTC, 104:23
10. Marc Pulido, Robert Sayfred, Rick Gaza, 104:50
11. Kyle Holloway, BAOC, Carson NJROTC, 105:10
12. Zun Gum, Aiden Michelon, Enrique Evangeliste, JosephMartinez, LHS3 NJROTC, 137:29
   Ken Hodge, DNF
   Jennifer Kerr, GCO, DNF
   Caslani Volsan, Barack Volsan, Julian Diaz, Samantha Garcia, LHS2 NJROTC, DNF
   Carlos Cuellar, Edgar Nava, Sebastian, LHS1 NJROTC, DNF
Fourth Course:
   Greg Mandler, DNF

RED (5.8k, 22 controls)

1. Roy Malone, GCO, 86:21
2. Penny DeMoss, BAOC, 122:27
3. Steve Duke, GCO, 125:08
4. Jeff Sterett, GCO, 170:45

White: 8
Yellow: 24 plus one second course
Orange: 33 plus one third course
Brown: 25 plus one fourth course
Red: 4
Total: 94

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