Orangevale Community Park

Oct. 5, 2019

Jennifer Kerr
Event Director and Course Setter

It was a lovely fall day and 188 people took advantage of it to enjoy White, Yellow and Orange courses. This event was co-sponsored, as it has been for several years now, by the Casa Roble High School Air Force Junior ROTC.

Joyfully, the meet was dominated by young people! Besides the Casa teens, we had JROTC participants from eight other schools: Whitney, River City, Del Campo and McClatchy locally, as well as Fairfield, Novato, Carson City and Lincoln (from Stockton). And we had Boy Scouts from local Troops 136, 23 and 88, along with several Sacramento State University students fulfilling a class requirement.

The results are below. I apologize for any weirdly spelled names; it is sometimes difficult to decipher handwriting and my typing is not always 100 percent accurate. Contact me if you would like any errors corrected!

Thank you all for coming!

Here are the profound thanks for our hard-working GCO crew:

  • Beginner Clinics: Randy Robinson and me
  • Registration: Kathy Tegtmeier and Mike Christensen, Randy Robinson
  • Starts/Finishes Setup and Training and Equipment Hauling: Jonas Libell
  • Map Printing: BAOC's Map-Wizard Bob Cooley

Also, Casa Roble JROTC volunteers did a LOT of the work! They lugged around equipment and set up the registration, start and finish stations; they skillfully ran starts and finishes AND they picked up 42 controls!

A big Thanks to Lt. Col. Kevin Houdek, Senior Master Sgt. John DeVenere, Cadet-in-charge Carter Jones and Abby Yarbrough, Hunter Mason-Lais, Sierra Burns, Dalton Branson, Hailey Yarbrough, Gram Cook, Evan Powers, Dylan Coffman, Landon Peabody, Matthew Bezeck, Seth Strickland, Makayla Chipman, Ian Yarbrough and Peter Bezeck.


Note: DNF=Did Not Finish (did not do one or more controls); MP=Mispunched (punched an incorrect control)

WHITE (2.2km, 15 controls)

1. Steve Donaldson, Andrew Van Wagner, Alex Eldridge, Nate Benner, Nicolaus White, Boy Scout Troop 136, 21:15.
2. Greg Mandler, 23:22.66
3. Evan Powers, Matthew Bezeck, Seth Strickland, Casa Roble JROTC, 29:48.
4. Adam Parra, Jerome Parra, Atticus Carr, James Kumdell, Chris Kumdell, Boy Scout Troop 136, 32:33.
5. Ted and Roxanne London, 34:19.
6. Carter Jones, Abby Yarbrough, Jason Zimmerman, Landon Peabody, Dylan Coffman, Casa Roble JROTC, 36:10.
7. Adam, Craig, Sue Polley, Boy Scout Troop 24, 38:20.
8. Cole Spake, Dawson Watterman, Luke Tufts, Clement Yu, Sarti Ortiz, Boy Scout Troop 136, 38:58.
9. Aaron Holst, Ethan Mork, Mikey Dismules, James Knowdell, Boy Scout Troop 136, 48:29.
10. Carolyn Mack, Heather Jurjevic, Phoenix Jurjevic, Serena Corriea, 48:45.
11. Robert, Travis Lipman, 49:40.
12. Ruslan Mazurchak, Amir Ghebi, JROTC, 60:17.
13. Claire Legendre-Sholl, Philip Sholl, GCO, 76:25.
14. Diana, Skylar Ahim, Scout Troop 88, 78:35.
   Pedro Abunois, Alex Romero, Roxy Robinson, Casa Roble JROTC, DNF.
   Dennis O’Brien, Rylan O’Brien, Adam Schafer, Evan Eldridge, Andrew Alspector, Boy Scout Troop 136, MP (#15).
   Lily Flores, Kevin Mejia, Lily El-Masri, Josuedavid Callejas-Lopez, Novato JROTC, DNF
Second Course
   Carter Jones, Casa Robles JROTC, 14:09.
   Amario Carlson, Christopher McCoy, Caden Roush, Samuel Trejo, Fairfield JROTC, 60:36.

YELLOW (3.3km, 15 controls)

1. Bilai Houston, Tommy Ngo, Jonathan Channsy, Julian Dinse, Fairfield JROTC, 33:15.
2. Jeff Reyes, Daniel Melchor, Kyla Sison, Jose Pacheco, Fairfield JROTC, 42:25.
3. Brady Clark, Jon Wong, Darriyo Angvay-Yumol, Karlee Snow, Bridget Lane, Whitney JROTC, 44:55
4. Andrew Spurgeon, Emmily McGee, Yuriy Khomutov, Anthynee Chavaz, River City JROTC, 47:09.
5. Cailey Vetter, Malakai Lohse, Volodymgr Martyngek, Adam Evangelista, Brandon Bear, Del Campo JROTC, 47:28.
6. Diana, Andre Mau, 49:00.
7. Anthony Smith, Emily Kang, Ashley Lagunag, Yashueer Dhillon, Ben Clement, Whitney JROTC, 49:45.
8. Jennifer Rosas, Cooper Ernst, Gepilga Jhon, Isabel Lascano, Del Campo JROTC, 50:20.
9. Isabella B., Aiden R., Juan G., Joey C., Hershal S., Whitney JROTC, 52:59.
10. Xalee Vang, Xue Moua, CSUS, 58:34.
11. Kathryn, Gage, Douglas Swank, GCO, 60:07.
12. Maryanna Morales, Quienesha Band, CSUS, 63:09.
13. Grace Repan, Cornelius Rusu, Joshua Riveas, Bree Maslianka, Del Campo JROTC, 65:00.
14. Amario Carlson, Christopher McCoy, Eaden Roush, Samuel Trejo, Fairfield JROTC, 68:28.
15. Rudolfo Quezada, Henry Navarro, 73:45.
16. (Tie) Danny Nhem, Wesley Smith, Victor Villacorrea, Novato JROTC, 80:36.; Jason Yu, Jared Cox, Colin Kemp, Cleveland Martin, River City JROTC, 80:36.
18. Alexander Hoffman, Ashton Pfitzer, Jenna Anderson, Emily Thrasher, Amric Editisinighe, Whitney JROTC, 88:45.
   Brendan Fitzgerald, Alyssa Devland, CSUS, DNF
   Cameron Doran, Jacob Lloyd, Ty Milano, Lucas Delgado, Del Campo JROTC, DNF
   Russell Bora, Ronan Kalkan, Christopher Laguna-Gonzalez, Nia Gilmore, Anson Richmond, Whitney JROTC, MP (#5).
   Travis Navarro, BAOC, Carson JROTC, MP (#3).
   Zack Wheeler, Ramiro Ceja, Giovanni Coutes, CSUS, DNF.
   Jesus Garcia, Hector Gonzalez, MP (#2).
Second Course
   Greg Mandler, 29:54.
   Andrew Van Wagner, Alex Eldridge, Nate Benner, BS Troop 136, 23:13.
   Evan Eldridge, Adam Schedu, BS Troop 136, 35:10.
   Clement Yu, Nicholas White, BS Troop 136, 42:59.
   Five from BS Troop 136, 44:00.

ORANGE (3.9km, 17 controls)

1. Jonas Libell, GCO, 28:03.
2. Riley Dunn, BAOC, Carson JROTC, 29:25.
3. Nik Weber, GCO, 34:30.
4. Kyle Navarro, BAOC, Carson JROTC, 38:59.
5. Ahmani Register, Austin Walker, Addison Parmenter, Alex Ruiz, Novato JROTC, 51:45.
6. Olga Kraght, BAOC, 59:00.
7. Tobias Slager, Gabriela Larsen, Andrew Tom, Thomas Mangum, McClatchy JROTC, 65:15
8. Wandell Govin, Juana Vasquez, Adan Vasquez, Angel Mirazo, McClatchy JROTC, 67:40.
9. Brianna Garcia, Fate Garcia, Bounsue Keophoxai, Thomas Hubbell, McClatchy JROTC, 67:54.
10. Jordan Eunglicta, Jackson Lee, Paige Felkins, Joseph Payne, Ayden Flaner, Lincoln (Stockton) JROTC, 68:05.
11. Marsha Jacobs, Randy Robinson, GCO, 76:00.
12. Nicholas Swartz, Sierra Schneider, Nathan Bui, Antonietta Budden, Augustin Swarez, Lincoln (Stockton) JROTC, 79:00.
13. Team BS Speed Unit, GCO, 82:40.
14. Zain Gum, Isabela Hernandez, Rayna Meza, Lissetto Ramirez, Makayla Mazzini, Lincoln (Stockton) JROTC, 104:36.
15. Ramvo Suarez, Leanne Mijares, Jade Buel, Diego Torres, Antonio Sison, Lincoln (Stockton) JROTC, 116:17.
   Gary Kraght, BAOC, MP (#1).
   George Minarik, BAOC, MP (#10).
Second Course
   Jeff Reyes, Daniel Melchor, Kyla Sison, Jose Pacheco, Fairfield JROTC, 46:51
   Bilai Houston, Tommy Ngo, Jonathan Channsy, Julian Dinse, Fairfield JROTC, 51:30.
Third Course
   Greg Mandler, 57:17.

White: 57 plus 5 second courses
Yellow: 84 plus 13 second courses
Orange: 47 plus eight second courses and one third course
Total: 188 plus 27 second/third courses

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