Orangevale Community Park

Oct. 2, 2021

Jennifer Kerr
Event Director and Course Setter

This was our first meet in nearly two years and it turned out well, with warm weather and 164 people enjoying (I hope!) the White, Yellow and Orange courses. This event was co-sponsored, as it has been for several years now, by the Casa Roble High School Air Force Junior ROTC.

Besides the Casa teens, we had Air Force JROTC participants from seven other schools: Whitney, Del Campo, Fairfield, Vanden, Lindhurst, Heritage and Rocklin. And we had Scouts from Troops 1497 and 15201, as well as a bunch of Sacramento State University students fulfilling a class requirement.

I must apologize profusely for my apparent mistake of mixing up yellow and orange maps at the Start. About 11 people got an Orange map when they signed up to do Yellow! Yikes! But to their credit, almost all of you gamely figured out the more-difficult Orange course and managed to finish. Fantastic!

The results are below. I apologize for any weirdly spelled names; it is sometimes difficult to decipher handwriting and my typing is not always 100 percent accurate. Contact me if you would like any errors corrected!

Thank you all for coming!

Here are the profound thanks for our hard-working GCO crew:

    Beginner Clinics: Dwight Freund
  • Registration: Ryan Zahner
  • Starts/Finishes Setup and Training and Equipment Hauling: Jonas Libell
  • Map Printing: BAOC's Map-Wizard Bob Cooley


Note: DNF=Did Not Finish (did not do one or more controls)

WHITE (1.5km, 9 controls)

1. Jamie Lockard, Colin Nobbe, Brendan Bear, Alex Silva, Maxwell Fraser, Del Campo AFJROTC, 17:17
2. Anthony, Eva Mistry, 23:01
3. Danielle, Ben, River, Rowyn Gundlach-Cassley, Scout Troop 1497, 30:12
4. Claire Legendre-Sholl, Philip, Cora, Sylvi Sholl, 36:38
5. Megan, Maureen, Aden Gala, BAOC, 37:11
6. Elaine, Rob, Elly Brogle, 45:22

YELLOW (1.7km, 15 controls)

1.Ethan Miles, Ruth Amar, Ryenn Capitani, Ethan Rossignol, Vanden AFJROTC, 32:54
2. Charles Vance, Nhu Darn, Derek Vargas, Joseph Merced, William Marks, Del Campo AFJROTC, 33:02
3. Carl Keeler, Mauricio Lopez-Chavez, Isabella Patterson, Cyrus Talbott, Lindhurst AFJROTC, 33:04
4. Paige Coveney, Jake Knapp, Sacramento State, 34:36
5. Vincent Montalbano, Sacramento State, 35:59
6. Joe Asaro, Taylor Kelley, Sacramento State, 41:36
7. Lucas Tomlinson, Ryen Jones, Sacramento State, 41:59
8. Sara Amar, Mark Mulumba, Dakota Boomershine, Nathan Weitershansen, Vanden AFJROTC, 42:13
9. Aiden Mozingo, Julia Beas-Garcia, Victor Pimentel, Melvin Magaña, Fairfield AFJROTC, 42:46
10. Rachel Lee, Joseph Wijangco, Ethun Suarez, Noah Trun, Vanden AFJROTC, 43:44
11. Kara, Claire Adema, Carly Wahl, Girl Scouts 15201, 44:44
12. Tekaya Smith, Sacramento State, 55:03
13. Sophia Teodora, Dakota Brooks, Amellia Bennett, Ethan Weitershaushen, Vanden AFJROTC, 54:39
14. Casey Ramirez, Sacramento State, 1:03:03
15. Emmalee Burr, Quentin Burns, Madison Combs, Josiah Tolbert, Vanden AFJROTC, 68:11
16. Jeff Rexes, Caroline Serrano, Briceida Pengioza, Ricardo Veravera, Fairfield AFJROTC, 71:33
17. Matthew Cloud, Jordan Madkins, Blake Morier, Jay Lohse, Martin Vanich, Del Campo AFJROTC, 81:19
18. Carla Torres, Alberto Martinez, Sacramento State, 85:10
19. Annie Jimenez, Sacramento State, 90:05
   Cody Oleski, Sacramento State
Second Course
   Danielle, Ben, River, Rowyn Gundlach-Cassley, Scout Troop 1497, 35:03

ORANGE (3.7km, 17 controls)

1. Nik Weber, GCO, 41:08
2. Kyle, Kelly Poland, GCO, 67:54
3. Logan Hilderbrand, Gavin Mikula, Donovan Jarvis, Even Clausell, Casa Roble AFJROTC, 68:35
4. Brogan Cummings, Caine Roach, Oliver Rumrez, Casa Roble AFJROTC, 70:35
5. Douglas, Gage Swank, GCO, 71:08

6. Lynda Shadman, Jacqueline Palma, Sacramento State, 72:42
7. Thomas Olwell, Alexander Rojas, Dante Weber, Jacob Wells, Heritage AFJROTC, 67:48
8. Zachary Siegal, Eric Adamic, Barry Davis, Gabriella Larson, Adamic Bora, Whitney AFJROTC, 84:07
9. Tyler Rickenbach, Tyler Hellwig, Sacramento State, 85:00
10. Alex Solis, Krystal Lambert, Amelia Gara, Paris Davidson, Casa Roble AFJROTC, 86:25
11. Cheyenne Thelander, Samantha Schirato, Dylan Rojas, Alex Dapice, Heritage AFJROTC, 86:47
12. Brandon Utterback, Michael Collins, Jackson Kessler, Issac Ledesma, Christopher Lajonna-Gonzalez, Rocklin AFJROTC, 87:13
13. Logan Otter, Nick Scott, William Bailey, Travis Bollig, Casa Roble AFJROTC, 88:11
14. Peter Bezeck, Abby Yarbrough, Jacob Stuart, Jazzyln Crews, Casa Roble AFJROTC, 89:09
15. Devin Mogg, 90:09
16. Chris Jones, Hailey Yarbrough, Ross Krafft, Matthew Bezeck, Casa Roble AFJROTC, 90:29
17. Benhur Batton Jr., Bryan Dosano, 92:09
18. Jake Pritchard, Joe Sharer, Faith Schaad, Michael Solis, Casa Roble AFJROTC, 92:41
19. Cameron Duran, Blake Harris, Matthew Bustos, Lucas Delgato, Tristan Davis, Del Campo AFJROTC, 93:48
20. Liana Shilo, Sacramento State, 95:09
21. DenisTislin, Sacramento State, 97:09
22. Gabriel Garza, Sacramento State, 97:12
23. Kenzo Pineda, Cedric Paragas, Tristan Evangelinta, Isaac Oropeza, Fairfield AFJROTC, 108:00
24. Mila, Lilia Olson, Erin Levinsen, Abby Were, Molly Herrick, Girl Scout Troop 15201, 116:27
   Elizabeth Cano, Kiana Carrillo, Sacramento State
   Hayden Pote, Chloe Ellyson, Logan Williams, Heritage AFJROTC
   Phillipe Antioquia, Casey Brainerd, Matthew Atienza, Conor Parish, Heritage AFJROTC
   Carol, Colby Wahl
Second Course
   Carl Keeler, Mauricio Lopez-Chavez, Isabella Patterson, Cyrus Talbott, Lindhurst AFJROTC, 64:55
   Charles Vance, Nhu Darn, Derek Vargas, Joseph Merced, William Marks, Del Campo AFJROTC, 67:58

White: 21
Yellow: 58 plus 4 second courses
Orange: 85 plus 9 second courses
Total: 164 plus 13 second courses

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