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May 19, 2013

By Jennifer Kerr
Event Director

Another great day of spring Orienteering along the American River Parkway! It was a bit toasty and breezy, but I think everyone enjoyed the excellent courses prepared by Mats Jansson. We had 123 people participate, including JROTCers, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. We love to see all those young people out in nature exercising their minds and bodies!

The White course was won by Mats' older daughter, Annika, in 23:51. Second was newcomer Wes Moldogo in 32:30. The indefatigable Wes went on to have the fastest time on the Yellow course, 53:03, then took on Orange in 114:25! Tops among first-coursers in Yellow were Cathleen Tristan and Zach Grooman at 60:30. GCO's Jeff Thompson won Orange in 58:47. GCO's Marsha Jacobs led all Brown comers in 99:54. François Léonard of BAOC, fresh from a medal-winning performance at U.S. Championship races the weekend before in update New York, won Red in 57:17.

Thanks to all of the volunteers who made the meet possible:
Course Setting: Mats Jansson
Map Printing: Bob Cooley
Setup: Norbert Wagner, Jill Van Houten, Mats Jansson
Beginner Clinics: Dwight Freund
Registration: Marsha Jacobs, Paul Keeton, Jane Mroka
Starts: Mats Jansson, Teresa Jansson, Annika Jansson
Finishes: Dave Takacs, Jill Van Houten
Control Pickup: Mats Jansson, Alan Walls, Jennifer Kerr, Dwight Freund, Norbert Wagner

WHITE (2.3km, 10 controls)

1. Annika Jansson GCO 23:51
2. Wes Moldogo 32:30
3. Lynn Poythress, Paul 45:41
4. Kallen Titus, Vaughn Fraley, Paul Fraley, Zachary Walker, Kenny Quintineaa, Zachary Kraemer BS Troop 118 56:46
5. Connor Anderson, Riley McConnell, Casey McConnell, Jeffrey Wilson, Joseph Dalrymple, Shannon O’Farrell BS Troop 118 62:34
6. Tim, Alane, Taryn, Ian McNeely 63:11
7. Diana Gudenan, Luella Borris 84:59
8. Jane Mrowka GCO 97:27
9. Danny, Abby Zeibert GS Daisy 1974 101:08
10. Elaine Bjorkland, Lois Klaassen 129:08
   Tamara Anderson, Shawna Preugschat DNF
   Abraham Magdaleno DNF
   Kay Wilson, Liam Madden, Jack Madden, Margaret Arbalio DNF

YELLOW (2.8km, 12 controls)

1. Cathleen, Tristan, Zach Grooman 60:30
2. David, Spencer Tacherra, Harrison, Gordon Arakawa BS Troop 136 63:06
3. Ken Roe, Mike Folly GCO 64:39
4. Steve, Janine Faelz, GCO 66:26
5. Luke, Alan, Alyssa Walls GCO 68:58
6. Blanca Estevez, one other 75:29
7. Marks Robins, Therese Cauchon, Perla Cauchon, Linda Robins Florin JROTC 77:08
8. Joshua Wingert, Jessica Wingert, Marcus Hamm, Jackson Colemen, Sharon Rich 77:40
9. Art Livingston 77:44
10. Tom Moore, Angus Moore, Reed Moore, Joey Sigon BS Troop 136 78:34
11. Steven Wells, Alex Mercado, Jeff Wells BS Troop 136 80:47
12. Jeanette McKinley SDO 85:34
13. Hunter Jess, Christopher Lee, Erica Winn, Travis Davis, Karen Arakawa BS Troop 136 108:33
14. Jen Fisher, Brandon Fisher, Mackenzi Fisher, Debbie Rumsey, Mitchell Rumsey 110:41
15. Jennifer, Devin, Damon Jimenez BS Troop 259 143:50
   Justin Maciejewski CSUS DNF
Second Course:
   Wesley Moldogo 53:03
   Abraham Magdaleno 65:49
   Troop 118 No. 2 86:56
   Troop 118 No. 1 99:17

ORANGE (3.5km, 14 controls)

1. Jeff Thompson GCO 58:47
2. Bob Bruns, Sue Lorimer Team BS Speed Unit 80:23
3. Miranda Smith, Shanna Zahner 99:10
4. Judy Koehler BAOC 114:58
5. Norbert Wagner GCO 118:07
6. Kim Goff, Stephanie Smith 118:09
7. Kevin Walker BAOC 121:07
8. Brancon Archeta, Brecken Thomas 134:02
   Gavin Malone, Matt Sterett GCO MP
   Eddy Jiminez, Jorge Jiminez, Oshammanika Williams Florin JROTC DNF
   Kathy Tagtmeier, C. Michael Christenson DNF
   Lilian DeLeon, David Lee, Fouche Coner, Jesse Adams Florin JROTC DNF
Third Course
   Wesley Moldogo 114:25

BROWN (3.5km, 14 controls)

1. Marsha Jacobs GCO 99:54
2. Frank Slattery 107:37
3. Olga Kraght BAOC 115:21
4. Paul Keeton GCO 182:17
   Joe Scarborough BAOC DNF
   Anthony Mistry GCO DNF

RED (5.0km, 19 controls)

1. François Léonard BAOC 57:17
2. Nik Weber GCO 73:08
3. Ryan Zahner GCO 79:12
4. Rex Winterbottom BAOC 88:59
5. Gary Kraght GAOC 89:32
6. Marie-Josée Parayre BAOC 113:37
7. Michael Chastaine Barking Frogs 115:31
8. Johanna Merriss BAOC 142:32
9. Jeff Sterett GCO 150:51
10. Christine Brew BAOC 160:16
   Victoria Harris, Debbie Buckman GCO DNF
   Roy Malone GCO Lost Card

White: 34
Yellow: 48
Orange: 23
Brown: 6
Red: 12
Total: 123

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