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April 22, 2012

By Marsha Jacobs
Event Director

Who knew there would be temperatures in the 90s in April? Congratulations go out to all the brave participants who came out and did their best despite the extremely hot weather in the Sacramento area this weekend.

Jennifer Kerr set five very interesting and challenging courses for this event. A good showing on White came from both Scout Troop 139 and the Camellia Waldorf School. Good job! Locals Mike Christensen and Kathy Tegtmeier and their pooch Delila carried first place on the Yellow course. The Terwilligers earned top honors on the Orange course. Speedy orienteers from BAOC took first on Brown (Christine Brew) and the top three places on Red (Joseph Doetsch, Jonas Kjall, Mikkel Conradi). We even had a visitor from Norway—thanks to Terje Mathisen for joining us!

Special kudos to the team of Rob and KC Wells, who blasted their way through White, Yellow and Orange in spite of the sweltering temperatures!

As always, we cannot succeed at these events without our amazing volunteers. Tremendous thanks go to the following people who gave so much of their time to ensure a spectacular day:
Course Setting and Hanging Controls: Jennifer Kerr
Map Printing: Bob Cooley
Publicity: Jennifer Kerr
Setup: Dan Rathbun, Norbert Wagner
Beginner Clinics: Jennifer Kerr
Registration: Paul Keeton, Jennifer Kerr
Starts: Dan Rathbun, Dwight Freund
Finishes: Dave Takacs, Jill Van Houten
Control Pickup: Jennifer Kerr, Dan Rathbun (Course Setter's Note: Dan gets extra kudos for going out in 93-degree heat Sunday afternoon to pick up 19 controls; I waited until the next, much cooler, morning!)

WHITE (2.8km, 11 controls)

1. BS Troop 139, Team 8 40:04
2. Alana Davis, Lori Spera, Cassandra Gunn, Hannah Shepperd, Spencer Riles (Waldorf) 41:44
3. BS Troop 139, Team 9 42:14
4. Rob & KC Wells 44:46
5. Carmen Gunn, Jacobs Williams, Ethan Claffy, Adelynn Lackey, Helena Zindel (Waldorf) 45:55
6. Joe Cress, Rick Record, Josiah Davis, Madeleine Fraix, Claire Pelote (Waldorf) 47:10
7. Vanessa Hickin, Abby Norton, Clayton Cress, Sarah, Chad Pelote (Waldorf) 52:59
8. Bill, Kristine, Erik, Tristan Melton 54:36
9. Ken Wright, Traci Wilson 61:52
10. Lynn & Yogi Seal 70:10
11. Jeannie Akey, Cameron Akey, Tony Clayton, Christian Clayton 74:57
12. Linda Anderson, Paul Abrams 83:01
   Mikki Sharpe (ARC) (#11) DNF

YELLOW (3.5km, 11 controls)

1. Mike Christensen & Kathy Tegtmeier 87:43
T2. Alan & Lucas Walls, Dominick 99:08
T2. Stephanie, Michael, Timothy Bacon 99:08
4. Mariyah & Kailov Zen, Mark Robins (JROTC-LBHS) 106:34
T5. Mien Yip, Yneyne Fan, Stacy Tanaka, Xin Li 137:39
T5. Grant Schuster, Wei Sun, Mark Spiller, Chen-Nie Chuah 137:39
7. Ken & Daria Roe, Mike Folly 142:02
T8. Carin, Kenneth, Annika Evans 151:07
T8. Junko & Alyson Walls 151:07
   Vanessa Andrews, Jennifer Ramey, Christopher Bailey (#10,11) DNF
   Steve Strickland, Julie Hyde DNF
   Robbie, Mike, Theresa Schredl DNF
   Rosemary Tanfani & Carol Sodestrom DNF
Rob & KC Wells 51:58

ORANGE (4.1km, 15 controls)

1. Vivian & Bob Terwilliger 120:47
2. Ryan Valenciano & Carlos Delapaz 128:13
3. Benjamin Claridad & Casey Cornilsen (CSUS) 130:12
4. Danny Lulla 144:56
5. Miriam Cisneros, Avikesh Narayan, Eddy Sandoval, Luis Perez (JROTC-LBHS) 187:47
6. Kevin Nguyen, John Yu, Lucinda Yang, Annie Nguyen, Man Hang (JROTC-LBHS) 193:34
7. Chris, Richard, Sue, Stephanie Diaz (LBHS) 196:21
   Olga Kraght (#13,14,15) DNF
   Beth Sturges, Courtney Brown, Karl Jacobs, Chris Tremblay (CSUS) DNF
   Ashley Burgess, Peter Van Dordrecht, Sarah Johnson, Alexa Blatnick (CSUS) DNF
   Lu Saelee, Emilio Vasquez, E-Jay Evangelista, Steven Vang, Jimmy Lee, Ian McNair, Brian Lumbang,    Aaron Caver, Marcos Luzoya, Giovanni Guzman, Domenique, Danny Garcia (Florin) DNF
   Jordan Ramirez & Jeffrey Jaymot (CSUS) DNF
   Marlena Magness & David Basinger (CSUS) DNF
   Arika Griffith & Mark Hernandez (CSUS) DNF
   Tilden Yan, Stanley Williams, Montana Corbett (CSUS) DNF
   Alex Nguyen, Jimmy (CSUS) DNF
   Barbara Beltran, Christian Medina (CSUS) DNF
Rob & KC Wells 128:52

BROWN (3.9km, 11 controls)

1. Christine Brew 94:06
2. Paul Keeton 173:31
3. Craig DeVita 198:59
   Rosemary Johnson DNF
   Mono Simeone, Marco Martinez DNF
   Kurt Kaunzinger DNF

RED (6.4km, 16 controls)

1. Joseph Doetsch 48:05
2. Jonas Kjall 50:48
3. Mikkel Conradi 52:55
4. Terje Mathisen 57:53
5. Dan Rathbun 79:37
6. Gary Kraght 108:33
7. Jeff Sterett 121:53
8. Johanna Merriss 135:32
9. Norbert Wagner 244:38
   Ben Legg DNF

White: 41
Yellow: 39
Orange: 56
Brown: 7
Red: 10
Total: 149

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