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Sept. 15, 2013

By Mats Jansson
Event Director

Well, we were graced with moderate temperatures for mid-September, which made for a wonderful day of orienteering along the American River. Later in the day it became quite warm though, especially where trees did not provide shade relief, so the water on the course provided welcome re-hydration, thanks to course setter Jonas Libell.

Jonas, despite his Scandinavian ancestry, set five very interesting and challenging courses for this event (that was a joke, if anyone missed it!). Deceivingly short in distance (except for perhaps the Brown course), the courses featured terrain and controls that provided ample opportunity for a good challenge for all.

Some folks had a full weekend of orienteering, as OUSA's junior team coach Erin Schirm came by and gave an all-day clinic on Saturday to 18 motivated students of "the art of navigation, O-style." Special thanks go out to Erin for making the drive out and for providing top notch instruction!

On the White course, the Campbell family blazed through in first place, followed by a JROTC group lead by Keelin Freeman-Taylor. Notable on the White course was our very own David Takacs, whom all of you have seen manning the Finish for years. We were actually able to provide relief for him to do a course this time, and so he did; congratulations, David!

Interestingly, we had more Yellow participation than White, which probably means that people are sticking around, evolving as orienteers and tackling the next level, which is music to our ears! In this large group, BAOC's Harold De Moss ran away with the win, followed by the Clarks and GCO's Hall/Thibault.

On the Orange course, Katie and Sarah Peterson from BAOC took first and second, followed by GCO's Frank Slattery.

The Brown course proved to be a tough nut to crack for even some very seasoned orienteers. Marie-Joseé Parayre (BAOC) took first, Mladen Kolar second, and Dennis Wildfogel (BAOC) third. Less than 1.5 minutes separated second and third.

Finally, on the longest and most difficult course offered, Red, one of BAOC's most active orienteers (and one of the runners with whom I enjoy fierce but friendly competition when I am not event-directing), Steve Gregg, clinched the win ahead of Zoltan Foley-Fisher (GVOC) in second place, and Greg Walker of newly formed TOC (Truckee Orienteering Club). I must make special mention of Greg's outstanding efforts in building a small but growing orienteering community up in the mountains (aside from his other ski-O contributions).

As always, we cannot succeed at these events without our amazing volunteers. Tremendous thanks go to the following people who gave so much of their time to ensure a spectacular day:

  • Course Setting, Map Printing and Hanging Controls: Jonas Libell
  • Publicity: Jennifer Kerr
  • Setup: Norbert Wagner, Mats Jansson
  • Beginner Clinics: Jennifer Kerr
  • Registration: Paul Keeton, Marsha Jacobs
  • Starts: Mats Jansson, Jonas Libell, Norbert Wagner
  • Finishes: Dave Takacs, Dwight Freund
  • Control Pickup: Jennifer Kerr, Dwight Freund and Mats Jansson
  • Results Tabulation: Norbert Wagner
WHITE (2.1km, 8 controls)

1. Deryn Campbell, Gene Campbell, Emma Campbell, Sophie Campbell, 30:41
2. Kenny Vo, Eliza Wilkins, Jordun Johnson, Keelin Freeman-Taylor, JROTC, 35:41
3. Ray Vashi, Pariel Vashi, Scout Troop 134 Folsom, 48:24
4. Cyndi Ramsell, Danielle Von Tring, Nicole Von Tring, Delaney Ramsell, Trisha Von Tring, Scout Troop 20113, 49:58
5. Angela Borchert, Diana Borchert, Shae McCord, Catlyn McCord, Tala McCord, Scout Troop 20113, 56:10
6. Lia Williams, Tramale Hughes, Nick Elder, Corey Williams, 60:54
7. Jacob Viducich, Taylor Vicucich, Hailey Viducich, Thomas Viducich, Aaron Viducich, Scout Troop 1986/2686, 70:57
8. David Takacs, GCO, 84:14
9. Tim Libell, Titus Libell, Jonas Libell, GCO, 85:14
10. David Travers, Jerrick Hall, Karl Quitano, Taylor Hilz, JROTC, 89:14
11. Diana Gunderman, Luella Borris, 120:45

YELLOW (2.4m, 10 controls)

1. Harold DeMoss, BAOC, 58:46
2. Jeff Clark, Joyce Clark, Renee Clark, Chris Clark, 61:25
3. Leilani Hall, Alex Thibault, GCO, 89:23
4. Debbie Metzger, Noah Reiner, Mike Reiner, 89:32
5. Roger Noelle, Sean Noelle, Aaron Noelle, Jacob Noelle, Susan Noelle, 95:49
6. Kate Marusina, Kate Marusina, Anna Westerfield, Sasha Westerfield, Cori Traub, Julia Massey, 96:16
7. Mark Savarese, Joan Savarese, 105:02
8. Francoise Foley-Fisher, 111:27
9. Junko Walls, Lucas Walls, Alyson Walls, GCO, 111:41
10. Ken Roe, Mike Folly, GCO, 131:19
11. John Gogue, Andy Campbell, Stephen Rucker, JC Gogue, JJ Dickey, Alex Rucker, Ben Porter, Quinn Campbell, Scout Troop 55, 149:22
   Robby Magers, Melody Magers, DNF
Second Course
   Deryn Campbell, Gene Campbell, Emma Campbell, Sophie Campbell, 46:34
   Kenny Vo, Eliza Wilkins, Jordun Johnson, Keelin Freeman-Taylor, JROTC, 86:02
   David Travers, Jerrick Hall, Karl Quitano, Taylor Hilz, JROTC, 89:41
   Lia Williams, Tramale Hughes, Nick Elder, Corey Williams, 122:40

ORANGE (3.8km, 12 controls)

1. Katie Peterson, BAOC, 83:46
2. Sarah Peterson, BAOC, 93:46
3. Frank Slattery, GCO, 97:13
4. Bob Bruns, Sue Lorimer, GCO, 99:42
5. Norbert Wagner, GCO, 106:47
6. Erin Magers, GCO, 118:17
7. Regina Shaw, Stan Zakerski, GCO, 132:26
8. Chuck Unsworth, Steve Unsworth, Tanner Blunck, 140:54
9. Ellen Unsworth, Torunn Unsworth, GCO, 142:14
10. Sonja M. Renhult, Cori Virvendall, GCO, 177:12
11. Miranda Smith, 188:19
Second Course
   Leilani Hall, Alex Thibault, GCO, DNF

BROWN (4.1km, 16 controls)

1. Marie-Joseé Parayre, BAOC, 74:04
2. Mladen Kolar, 81:17
3. Dennis Wildfogel, BAOC, 82:43
4. Jeff Sterett, GCO, 86:06
5. Mark Peterson, BAOC, 97:09
6. David Harrison, BAOC, 98:48
7. Derek Daun, GCO, 100:59
8. George Minarik, BAOC, 109:30
9. Jeff Thompson, GCO, 111:40
10. Janet Peterson, BAOC, 142:28
11. Paul Keeton, GCO, 142:48
   Tom Boucher, GCO, DNF
   Olga Kraght, BAOC, DNF
   Marsha Jacobs, GCO, DNF
   Jennifer Kerr, GCO, DNF
Second Course
   Gary Kraght, BAOC, 94:16

RED (6.3km, 21 controls)

1. Steve Gregg, BAOC, 70:52
2. Zoltan Foley-Fisher, GVOC, 73:56
3. Greg Walker, Truckee, 74:16
4. Stephen Granger-Bevan, 84:50
5. Carol Ross, Truckee, 87:46
6. Rex Winterbottom, BAOC, 88:05
7. Graham Brew, BAOC, 92:02
8. Sergi Preobrazhensky, BAOC, 103:21
9. Penny DeMoss, BAOC, 104:18
10. Ryan Zahner, GCO, 114:21
11. Stephen Harrison, BAOC, 118:19
12. Virginia DeBons, BAOC, 131:37
13. Lori Huberman, NEOC, 136:08
14. Christine Brew, BAOC, 144:11
   Gary Kraght, BAOC, DNF

White: 39
Yellow: 55
Orange: 19
Brown: 16
Red: 15
Total: 125

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