Sierra College Score-O Meet

Sept 24th, 2023

Thanks to everyone that came out. We met some new competitors along with getting to see some familiar faces! A appreciate everyones understanding as we worked through isssues.

I especially want to thank the Naval Junior ROTC program from Carson City, NV fro making the trip over the hill to participate in the event. What a great group of young adults. They were full of energy and enthusiasm for a challenge early on a Sunday morning. Remarkable how early they had to get up to make the 8:30 am sign up time.

Carson Navy JROTC

We had a total of 27 runners, some choosing to run as a team of 2 or 3. This resulted in 19 ranked competitors/teams. I expected some fast times at this event... but WOW!

Stand out performance on the opening Score-O (only) course:

1st - Josef Estrada Ledesma, NJROTC, 00:12:00

2nd - Grant Kirschbaum, NJROTC, 00:13:00

3rd - Dylan R. Perez Sanchez, NJROTC, 00:17:30

Stand out performance for the combined Score-O + Loop course:

1st - Josef Estrada Ledesma, NJROTC, 00:38:00

2nd - Grant Kirschbaum, NJROTC, 00:47:30

3rd - Noah Bean, NJROTC, 00:55:57

The top performance for the civilian competitors (non-JROTC) was turned in by Rick G and Mark P with a combined course time of 01:00:46 that got them a 4th Place. Nice work gentlemen!

The quickest learning curve goes to the Del Sarto sisters. Way to figure things out quickly and jump up the ranks with a quick run on the second course.

If something doesn't look correct in the results, please send me a note at rzahner@gmail.com and I will investigate. Thanks again.

Score-O results in this pdf-file here.

Complete results in this pdf-file here.

Total Participants: 27

We will return on October 8th, for our Orangevale Park meet with three courses (White, Yellow and Orange).