River Bend Park directions

River Bend Park

This popular small but varied Sacramento County park on the banks of the American River has a new name: River Bend Park. Sacramento County Supervisors approved the new name on May 27, 2008. They changed it because its former namesake, C.M. Goethe was not only a philanthropist, but a proponent of a very creepy theory known as eugenics.  

The park has plenty of trails, many shaded by beautiful oak trees, for bicycles, hikers and horses. The plentiful wildlife includes deer, rabbits, lizards, wild turkey, waterfowl, and occasional coyote and rattlesnakes. It has a small, but increasing, amount of poison oak. The scenery along the river and elsewhere in this park makes for a very pleasant meet.

Directions: Take Highway 50 east of Sacramento about six miles to Bradshaw. Go north to Folsom Boulevard and go east or right about a mile and a half to Rod Beaudry Dr. Go left into the park. There are lots of signs for the park and there is a park entrance fee.

Here is Sacramento County parks information about River Bend.

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