Learning How To Orienteer

Learning Orienteering is not difficult. All of our meets have beginner courses and people willing to instruct. This is what you will need and information you will need to learn (you can learn some of it before you go on a course!):

  • Compass (at our meets, we will rent one to you if you don't have one).
  • Map (supplied).
  • Clue sheet (supplied).
  • Suitable clothing for hiking or running in a park.
  • Water.
  • Whistle for safety.

Also, check out some instructional Websites and some YouTube videos on our Links page.

What Happens at a Meet

Check our our Schedule page to find out when and where a meet will take place. Upon arrival, you will need to register yourself and-or your group and pay your meet fee. You will be given a clue sheet and punch card. At this time you can rent a compass if you don't have one. If you are doing the white (beginning) course, you will get your map at registration and you can look at it. Other course maps will be provided after you start. If you are new to Orienteering you should look for an instructor for a quick class. 

You will then proceed to the start area and get your start time. Make sure you don't forget your start time; be around the start area five minutes before your time. The starter will say go when it is time to start. Pick up your map (if you are not on white). You now have started your course. As quickly as you can, locate each control on your course and punch your card as you go. 

Upon finishing the course, you will need to locate the finish and give your punch card to the finish official. It is important that, whether or not you successfully find all the controls, you give your punch card to the finisher or let the finisher know if you lost the card. This prevents us from thinking you are lost when you are not.